Charas is hand-made indica hash, extracting the resin from marijuana buds – north India, Pakistan, Nepal, Himalayas; this quality extraction’s been typical in Parvati and Kashmir valleys for centuries – important source of income for the inhabitants of this innermost area: charas from these valleys is very popular because it’s very powerful due to its high THC concentration, and it’s called Malana cream.



Charas history

The Himalayas, and Hindi Kush, have been growing cannabis from ancient times; their powerful hash has been used for leisure, Hindi religious ceremonies, spiritual/medical treatments – this currently prohibited substance, as well as opium, was commercialized in government facilities during English occupation in India: later on, it was prohibited and prosecuted, and, nowadays, it’s trending again, and the authorities are more passive on its growing and consumption – in 2013, a flick starred by youngsters (getting into that area looking for the very powerful Kerala Gold charas) was released.

Kush Hindu Zone

Kush Hindu Zone

How is charas produced, and what’s different from hash?

This top traditional hash is hand-made produced, extracting the trichomes from the buds – resin crystals are separated from vegetal material.

Hash is elaborated by extracting the resin from dried cannabis flowers; charas, from living/green vegetal material – resin’s extracted from fresh vegetal material, and the resulting extraction’s pressed and ball/bar-like molded.


Charas extraction’s simple, slow, laborious – wash your hands properly and manipulate the marijuana fresh buds, pressing them gradually and getting your fingers impregnated by resin and oil, gradually covered by a tar-like black substance (charas); more time and manipulated buds, more resin stuck to your fingers – with considerable amount, separate the resinous material from your fingers gradually, sticking it and pressing it till a ball/bar’s formed.

Charas consumption

The main traditional method for charas consumption’s a chillum – pipe traditionally used by Hindi Sadhu monks; chara’s fundamental for the rituals adoring Shiva God (Shaiys sect): these monks consume charas while worshipping the supreme God of their religion – this marvelous extract’s also consumed out of India (Pakistan, Nepal).

how smoke charas

how smoke charas

Apart from chillum traditional way, a charas bar can be rolled with tobacco (like a roe joint), a pipe or a bong.

Best strains to produce charas

As previously mentioned, the best strains are indica (Himalayas), but it can be elaborated with any very resinous marijuana totally covered by resin crystals – resinous buds (Kush’s a good option) for easy, fast, abundant extractions.

Some Gea Seeds strains for charas production

Gea Seeds catalogue provides some proper strains for hash production, general extractions and charas making – Critical, Widow, Matanus-K, Cachalote, very resinous and high-THC leveled (very powerful charas, beyond your expectations).

Critical ++ - Feminized Seed

3 units 7.26€
5 units 10.89 €
10 units 22.99 €
25 units 44.77 €
100 units 169.4 €

Critical ++ is indica, powerful and sedating, for body and mind – average size, 55-65 day flowering, buds totally covered by dense resin coating (suitable strain for extractions).

Cachalote - Feminized Seed

3 units 8.47€
5 units 12.1 €
10 units 22.99 €
25 units 47.19 €
100 units 179.08 €

Widow is indica, with vigorous, fast flowering for very resinous, compact, fat buds; regarding its quantity and quality, Widow’s suitable for your own extraction – charas, hash, BHO: distinct, bittersweet, floral, spicy flavor/aroma.

Widow - Feminized Seed

3 units 6.05€
5 units 10.89 €
10 units 19.36 €
25 units 42.35 €
100 units 148.83 €

Cachalote is sativa, but it’s fantastic for any extraction – very productive, powerful, especially resinous (suitable for real quality charas).

You know, for your own charas, here you have all the necessary info to surprise your guests or enjoy an extremely high night.

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    Wow! there are still a lot of products of marijuana that I am not aware of. I am thankful that there are articles like this to help me learn and understand more about it. Thank you.


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