This is a usual parental question regarding their teen kids. Marijuana consumption’s very common for the population, and, gradually, for youngsters; marijuana is soft drug, and our health’s impact’s lower than hard drug’s, but its young-age consumption can provoke big damages in our body.

Excessive ongoing marijuana consumption in developing teen bodies can provoke bigger problems than consumption in adult bodies, so many parents are worried about their kids’ possible usual marijuana consumption; now, we talk about the most common marijuana-consumption symptoms.

teenagers marijuana

teenagers marijuana

Marijuana-consumption symptoms

Physical marijuana-consumption traces can be:

  • Slight dizziness.
  • Loose laughs.
  • Weepy or red eyes.
  • Remarkable under-eye circles.
  • Recent-event forgetfulness.
  • Greed.
  • Slight difficulty when expressing themselves.

Tips and conclusion

Marijuana-consumption’s not always a problem when occasional or reduced – not worse than alcohol or tobacco.

Nevertheless, when noticing some of these symptoms, mainly the most remarkable, such as under-eye circles or red eyes, and, moreover, daily activities are reduced, mainly when studying or working, it could be serious – marijuana is psychoactive and it can provoke mental diseases in genetic-predisposition people.

The best way is to talk to the person, in order to gradually reduce, or voluntarily cease, the consumption – when properly dealing with daily activities, there’s little time for consumption (easier to reduce or eliminate); the busier, the easier for the consumer to forget about this substance.


Marijuana withdrawal is minor – not a very shocking change; in a few weeks, the substance’s virtually cleared from the body: shortly after, the lungs get cleared from slime and toxic substances produced by combustion.

Consequently, marijuana withdrawal’s much lighter than other more common drugs, such as alcohol or some medicine; this has been a brief intro for beginners – if any unresolved question, just leave your comment.

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