Marijuana liquors are an excellent option to finalize a nice dinner or to season a reunion with your partner or fellows; currently, cannabis cooking’s so fashioned that Gea Seeds presents this simple recipe for your own marijuana liquor – easy, fast and cheap.

Marijuana alcohol

Marijuana alcohol

Alcohol’s easy to join marijuana cannabinoids – when producing your drink, the more alcoholic liquor, the better result – gin, rum and whisky are ideal with a cannabis touch (really simple process, no big effort); here you have the necessary ingredients, and the required steps:

Basic ingredients:

– Pan/pot.

– Empty liquor bottle.

– 1l gin/whisky/rum.

– 100gr resinous leaves – quantity and quality of vegetal material depend on required power.

Alcohol with marijuana

Alcohol with marijuana

Next steps:

– Pour the alcohol liter into the pot, add the vegetal material and stir.

– Marinate the solution cold – room temperature – during 3 days as minimum.

– After some time, sieve the solution as much as possible – no vegetal traces in the liquid (if necessary, repeat the process).

– Pour the sieved liquid in the empty bottle.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll get your cannabis alcohol, ready to enjoy – easy way to surprise your guests (unique, original, own flavored home-made alcohol); countless, delicious recipes can be created with it as well.

As usual, Gea Seeds warns you to control the dose – delayed effects could be misleading: drink cautiously, get to control your ideal quantity and enjoy the unique flavor of your home-made alcohol.

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    What is the needed quantity of cannabis?


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