Natural marijuana lubricants provide more enjoyable, long-lasting orgasms – ideal option for better sexual intercourses; our post on marijuana and sex mentioned the aphrodisiac characteristics of your favorite plant, and now we’re talking about one of the best consumption methods for top sex: marijuana vaginal lubricants.

marijuana lubricant

marijuana lubricant

Are weed lubes safe to use?

Marijuana vaginal lubricant’s an excellent option – thru 100% safe therapy – for better female sexual experiences (more pleasure and wellness).

Foria’s top vaginal lubricant – produced by Matthew Gerson and Aphrodite Group – composed of coconut oil – reducing PH and preventing from infections – and cannabis; 100% natural, ecologic, organic, vegetal.

Obviously, the effects of cannabis are different from regular marijuana consumption – scientifically tested on 21-70-year-old women; depending on the individual, more relaxation and sensibility, more blood flow, more orgasms, more prolonged orgasms (up to 15 min): no psychoactive product, no smoking marijuana.

The effects are more intense in women than in men – both can enjoy this gel.



How to apply a marijuana vaginal gel

Cannabis vaginal gel’s applied like every vaginal gel – externally, topically on erogenous zones (mainly, genital); Foria gel has a vaporizer for better application – spray the genital zone about an hour before sex intercourses.

Adequate dose depends on tolerance, gel quantity, consumer’s weight, nutrition, status.

When making your own lubricant, keep in mind that the gel will melt very fast – use a towel and keep your legs up till your body absorbs it (the cannabinoids will be effective in an hour).

How does it make you feel like?

In a few minutes, kind of tingling/heat; your muscles get relaxed and your vaginal tissues get sensitized – more sensitivity, better touch; more penetration-sensitive, more sexual experience.

Where to get marijuana vaginal lubricant

Foria gel can only be obtained with medical prescription in California and Colorado; if not living there, you can produce your own really harmless, cheap, simple, fast vaginal gel: here you have feedback for your own vaginal gel.

Making lubricant

Making lubricant

How to make homemade lubricant with weed?

Producing your own marijuana gel’s very useful – you know first-hand all its substances and its production process, and you can control the marijuana concentration in the gel depending on your personal experience (Gea Seeds suggests to grow 100% organic marijuana, to avoid harmful chemical substances in your body).


  • 15-20 grs of marijuana
  • 400 grs of coconut oil
  • Filter/sieve

Step-by-Step (Very Easy):

  1. Shred the marijuana as much as possible
  2. Blend the coconut oil with the marijuana and put the solution on a pan
  3. Heat the resulting blend on the pan, on a low heat, for an hour
  4. Stir the blend constantly
  5. Turn off the fire, and let it chill
  6. Once chilled, filter it to remove the vegetal material
  7. After filtering the solution, put it in the fridge

* Before blending the coconut oil and the marijuana, you can heat the marijuana in the oven for half an hour – up to 130 degrees (otherwise, THC would get lost and the gel wouldn’t be effective); this process is called decarboxylation – besides, you can heat the resulting coconut oil-decarboxylated marijuana mixture in a bain-marie.

A good option for better passion nights – cheap, safe, effective.

Can you get high from Weed Lube

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