Kush genetics is one of the most renowned cannabis strains; this post’s focused on its origins, evolution and characteristics – mythical genetics among growers.



Where does it come from?

This branch of cannabis family tree comes from Hindi Kush Asian mountain range, among northwestern India, Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan, expanding Pamir, Karakorum and Himalayas mountain ranges – over 1,000 km, over-7,000 m summits; geographically privileged, it has been very marijuana-linked for centuries – authentic indica/Afghan genotype was born there (old cannabis traditions among its inhabitants for centuries).

Kush genetics history

In the 60s, this region gradually became famous among cannabis consumers and people looking for a spiritual retreat to meditate and live a life totally different from western establishment; it became more and more famous, exponentially multiplying its visitors annually.

Mainly, it became internationally famous after the famous Beatles’ India trip (Rishikesh, in the Hindi State of Uttarakhand); the mythical rock band traveled there to get into an advanced transcendental-meditation training with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (famous religious guru), and the mythical British band The Who dedicated a song to Magic Bus, Amsterdam-Nepal bus full of young hippies looking for adventures and new personal experiences.

Kush Hindu Zone

Kush Hindu Zone

From then on, western travelers to that region got multiplied in the 70/80s; many of them returned to their homeland with Afghan, Pakistani and Kush seeds, and some of them, mainly consumers and growers, crossed those indica genetics with sativa in places such as southern California (current, traditional Kush-growing area), providing shorter vegetative, stronger plants.

Successful, international fame

In the 80s, Kush strains such as Skunk, White Widow or AK-47 were given the most famous cannabis cups and prizes, such as High Times Cannabis; currently, OG Kush’s the best-selling marijuana strain in the USA, and Bubba Kush’s one of the most sought genetics by cannabis growers – apart from these remarkable examples, looking at the names of strains from different banks, you can undoubtedly find a wide Kush-seed range.

Abundant Kush presence proves the undisputed influence of this genetics in current strains; millions of Kush growers show the irrefutable quality of this indica genetics – it revolutionized the market, and it keeps revolutionizing it.

Characteristics of Kush genetics

Why’s Kush genetics so special? The characteristics of Kush family are varied; here you have some of the most famous.

After thousands of years of natural selection on the steep Hindi Kush hillsides, and probable human influence for centuries, Kush cannabis got stabilized as a short growing/flowering-term robust plant, branched structure, average height, and regularly resinous heavy compact buds.

Hindu Kush and Northern Kush

Hindu Kush and Northern Kush

The abundant resin of the buds makes it ideal for top hash production, and its short flowering makes it ideal for growers in geographical areas with short summers; before Kush, western growers just worked with cannabis genetics from Colombia, Mexico and Thailand, that is, tropical sativa genetics not totally flowering in short Californian/European summer – cropping too soon or plants killed by cold winter.

Kush genetics provided hybrids with sativa genetics and shorter flowering stage – ideal solution for many outdoor growers, preventing those problems; leaf physiognomy’s different – wider, dark-green shade.

Smells and flavors

Kush strains have very powerful aroma and very intense citric flavor; evolving in an extremely arid zone, they have acquired a very feral, intense, sweet, earthy smell – these marijuana effects have more narcotic, physical, relaxing effects (indica effects), while tropical-strain (sativa) effects are more euphoric.

This has been a comprehensive summary, describing one of the most famous, widespread cannabis genetics; when in doubt, leave your comment on our blog.

Where to find and buy Kush seeds?

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