Cachalote - Feminized Seed



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  • Time
    65-70 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 550-600 g/m2
  • Genetics: 70% sativa

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Information About Cachalote Feminized Sativa

Its almost immediate effect easily provokes hilarity. This effect is very stimulating physically and psychoactive. Its high levels of THC produce a powerful and lasting effect that produces a strong cerebral stimulation and a great physical relaxation. It has great therapeutic potential as it helps to combat the side effects of chemotherapy and stimulates the appetite.

Its flowers, once cured, give off a thick aroma with the fresh background of Widow somewhat perfumed, spicy and very incense, with citrus notes to lemon.

Cachalote is a hybrid that results from the cross between our Widow with an old Haze. We have obtained from this cross a large and very productive specimen with an incredible aroma and incense flavor that gives off a white, dense and fragrant smoke.

This plant is a monstrous hybrid with stable genetics that offers a high and very vigorous growth rate. It produces a large main stem loaded with woody lateral branches, covered with buds and leaves that rise to almost the height of the main point.

Outdoors you need a sunny, wide and well fertilized place. Although it is not a discreet plant because of its size, it is inconspicuous due to its smell while it is in the flowering process, being able to go unnoticed by the majority.


THC 20% - 23%
CBD Medium
Brand Gea Seeds
Type Feminised
Genetics Sativa
Time + 70 days
Origin Widow x Haze
Production Indoor 550-600 g/m2
Height in Indoor High
Height in Outdoor High
Taste Incense
Effect Stimulating

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WHAT THEY THINK OF Cachalote - Feminized Seed?

may 2, 2024
Ola, sou do Brasil e sim, tive a oportunidade de cultivar essa genética. É simplesmente magnífica.
Forte, cheirosa tipo uma mulher que faz fisiculturismo. Penso nela todos os dias a planta que marcou a minha vida. Gostaria muito de ganhar esse super presente
Jorge Luiz
ene 2, 2024
Oh, we are from Brazil and have the privilege of cultivating a semente dessas.
You say with complete sincerity, always when you think about cannabis plants, Sperm Whale is the first name that you see in your mind with the best result, for the minimum conditions it was fascinating. I have a desire to cultivate these strains, but unfortunately now this is without the financial conditions of purchasing again. I have photos of the colheita seed. It was a plant that found a plastic clip that had to be placed on the main floor due to an insane scratch after some HST training. It was grown in coconut fiber. I would love to start this year with those unspeakable strains again.
Juan Pavon Romero
jun 22, 2023
Estoy contento con el crecimiento y espero que este igual de sabor gracias saludos
V João
dic 27, 2022
Usei a técnica LST, dei 8 semanas de crescimento e rendeu uma média de 50 gr por planta depois de seca, indoor 100%organico.
Sabor mais incenso do que citrino, sente-se bem os dois, deliciosa mistura. Moca muito boa cheia energia e apetite.
Para mim o único contra é que de 10 sementes germinaram 6, e só duas de excelente genética que deram uma excelente média à colheita. Mesmo assim não retiro nenhuma estrela ao rating porque estou a adorar o fumo e o que rendeu.
T Rick
nov 12, 2022
De 6 strains diferentes que cresci este ano esta foi a vencedora. Adoro seu cheiro citrico doce que faz lembrar robucados de limão, mais especificamente os "Ricola" de limao e ervas. Sabor a fumar igual ao nariz, bastante produtiva e resitente à humidade. Obrigado
C Fernando
jul 26, 2021
estou ansioso por experimentar...kkkkk
dic 4, 2018
most productive strain ever!! Thanks for your work Gea
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