Marijuana consumption’s gradually common, so more and more pregnant women usually consume, or have consumed, marijuana – this situation can affect the baby’s development, so it has to be totally avoided.

When consuming marijuana, THC’s introduced in our body – active compound with psychoactive characteristics; this substance can pass through the placenta and provoke a pregnancy stage shorter than usual, lighter newborn baby’s weight or newborn unusual sleep patterns.

Consequently, marijuana must not be consumed during pregnancy, but, after giving birth, what about its consumption? Marijuana consumption has to be also avoided during post-pregnancy breastfeeding stage; next, here you have the answer.

marijuana and pregnancy

marijuana and pregnancy

No marijuana during breastfeeding stage

During breastfeeding stage, mothers feed their kids with milk produced by their own body. If marijuana is consumed during this stage, THC, together with other marijuana psychoactive compounds, will get into breast milk and will affect baby’s development negatively.

In fact, a new survey published in a report of Pediatrics magazine analyzed the breast milk of 50 women who used to consume marijuana, and it tracked THC in 63% of the analyzed samples up to six post-consumption days.

Besides, another cannabinoid, very common in therapeutic treatments with marijuana, called cannabidiol or CBD, just appeared 5%.

Drug consumption during pre-pregnancy weeks

If a woman consumes marijuana frequently – or on a large scale – before or during early pregnancy, it could harm the fetus during the most delicate stage of its gestation – if looking for pregnancy, you should stop consuming it, so your future kid’s health wouldn’t be in danger.

Need for major research

So far, here you have the conclusions of scientific community on marijuana impact in pregnancy – experts state there’s urgent need for major research on marijuana effects during pregnancy and baby’s development, as well as complications among pregnant women; surprisingly, so currently-consumed, important drug with so many problems against its study.

This situation comes from its illegal status in most countries, but, hopefully, this is changing – the more legalized and regulated, the easier study and research; Gea Seeds will keep you updated on possible changes thereon.


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