A pipe’s a little device for consuming tobacco or marijuana. Generally, they’re made by a little bowl for the consuming substance. Then, the substance’s combusted by a lighter or light, and the smoke passes through a cannula which ends in the consumer’s mouth, just inhaling the reminiscent smoke.



Shape, size and material

There are big, average and little pipes. They’re made of wood, metal, porcelain, plastic, clay or glass; metal pipes are used for hash, without tobacco.


They can be mechanically made or hand-made, with a lot of shapes and designs: Boule, Bing, Billard, Bullcap, Bulldog, Cavalier, Cuty, Egg, Dublin, Fleur, Horn, Lovat, Néogène, Pot, Poker, Zulu, E Foot, Rodhesian…


Smoking pipes are really easy to use; you just have to place the substance in the bowl, ignite it and inhale the smoke. When using it frequently, you need to clean the pipe slightly; otherwise, the traces will worsen the flavor, smoke quality and pipe durability – some pipes can be dismantled into pieces.



Besides, some pipes need to tap a hole with your finger when smoking; you aspire, and, when the smoke arrives in the mouth, you remove the finger, so the whole inner smoke will suddenly enter. Other models chill the smoke, so it’s not hot when entering your mouth and, moreover, they clean the smoke, so it gets rid of impurities.

Spare parts

If you want to improve the flavor and functionality of your pipe, buying spare parts is a good option. Generally, the most replaced object’s the net on which the consuming substance is placed. Other models are able to change more pieces – before getting yours, you’d better be informed on the different characteristics of each model.




There’s a wide range of pipes, with different results; through the years, trying several pipes, you’ll be able to choose your favorite material, size and model. Smoking pipe’s a different experience, ideal for average smokers willing to deal with different sensations; try it and repeat it!

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