Marijuana tends to be a good female partner when they deal with menstrual stage – the great female majority suffers from very uncomfortable menstruation pain, and cannabis consumption’s ideal to alleviate this pain.

Painkiller marijuana

Many people realize weed’s excellent for fatigue relief, state-of-mind balance or a wide range of cancer-therapy physical pains, fibromyalgia (some painkiller products), or other illnesses, but it’s also ideal against premenstrual syndrome and its period – period hormonal changes can make marijuana relatively powerful, depending on the time of the month.

menstruation and marijuana

menstruation and marijuana

Estrogen, marijuana and THC

Together with the typical monthly ups and downs, it’s all about estrogen – estrogen not only affects cannabis power directly, but also the way natural cannabinoids affect human body.

Firstly, estrogen helps decompose the main marijuana psychoactive compound, tetrahydrocannanibol (THC), more powerful in human body – when in-body estrogen levels are higher, the body performs more efficiently, so it reduces the cannabis quantity necessary to get high.

Expression of fatty acid amide hydrolase

Estrogen also has another marvelous property to help them feel calm and happy: an enzyme, the hydrolase amide of fat acids (FAAH), gets handicapped by estrogen – usually, FAAH decomposes anandamide, a cannabinoid naturally produced by human body, so, with more estrogen flowing, decomposing gets blocked and anandamide does his job, reducing anxiety and depression symptoms.

Besides, other marijuana compound, CBD, also blocks FAAH and, then, estrogen performs as CBD.

The lowest estrogen levels appear during menstruation days – when feeling period fatigue and cramps, you need to use more THC than average levels in other times of the month to get the same effect.

What does it happen when the period finishes?

When the period’s over, as estrogen levels keep growing, less marijuana’s needed for the same effect, but, if taking hormonal contraception, none of this would work because monthly hormonal changes are controlled by synthetic hormones – your cannabis reactions will be firmer all month long.

Marijuana in menstruation

Marijuana in menstruation

Consequently, it could be interesting for women to experiment with marijuana at different times of the month, in order to find out what’s useful for them, taking into account that the right dose could change along the cycle.

Real case about marijuana and menstruation


Cannabis is medicine not studied extensively, and very individualized, although it has beneficial effects in the body – find the tune and harmony with your body and the way cannabis affects you.

This has been an overview on marijuana and its beneficial effects for a woman during her menstrual period – if in doubt, just leave your comment and we’ll answer as soon as possible.



  1. Avatar for Denice

    I am a heavy weed smoker and my period has disapeared. I am 44 years of age. Is this normal?

  2. Avatar for Zoe

    You’re at menopause age.

    I haven’t menstruated in 2 years and now that I’ve started smoking weed, I’ve been bleeding heavily. I’m wondering if it has to go with my estrogen and cortisol levels and if this is a good thing. I want to have a period and be fertile, but other research says weed smoking causes infertility. 🤷


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