Marijuana milk’s a fast, easy marijuana consumption – therapeutic properties without smoking; cannabis cooking’s gradually trending – more recipes/tutorials on marijuana cooking (cannabis is the main ingredient on the last Netflix culinary reality show).

cannabic milk

cannabic milk

Cannabis butter’s the main ingredient for hundreds of cannabis recipes, and marijuana milk’s the base for countless recipes – shakes, omelets, cakes.

Here you have some info to produce your own marijuana milk – delicious cannabis consumption:


  • Marijuana leaves/buds

  • Whole milk – milk fat’s necessary for our body to assimilate the cannabinoids (skimmed milk’s not effective).

  • Kitchen sieve and cheese cloth

Quantities and percentages

Obviously, quantities always depend on marijuana quality, situation, consumer and tolerance – here you have some average percentages for you to get to find your adequate amount.

For buds, average percentage’s 0.5-1g marijuana/¼l whole milk – 1 joint/¼l milk.

For leaves, up to 25g/l milk – about 10 times bigger than buds; Gea Seeds warns you to use up to 2g marijuana (buds)/¼l milk.

milk and buds

milk and buds

Next steps

  1. Undo the dry vegetal material (marijuana) till totally shredded – marijuana has to be very shredded to be agglutinated with the milk.

  2. Simmer the milk in a pan.

  3. When boiling, put the shredded marijuana and let it boil for at least an hour – from time to time, stir the mixture with a spoon.

  4. Turn off the fire and let it gradually chill.

  5. Once chilled, sieve the solution, as much as you can – otherwise, the vegetal material would remain on the milk and it wouldn’t be nice to drink (cheese cloth).

  6. Put the sieved milk in the fridge and drink it before the original expiration date of the whole milk.

Boiling the milk properly, with the vegetal material, is one of the most important steps – cannabis is being decarboxylated and agglutinated together with the milk; oral cannabis consumption without proper decarboxylation doesn’t provide powerful effects – the body cannot assimilate THC properly.

When taking all the steps properly, the result will be exquisite marijuana milk, accompanying and improving any other food, creating many other recipes or drinking it alone; try marijuana milk, and discover how to enjoy cannabis beneficial properties in a cheap, fast, delicious way.

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  1. Avatar for Richard C. Forgeng

    Ok, so it’s easy for you to provide a recipe utilizing cow’s milk but the world uses other plant friendly types , what’s your problem holding the most desired information for soy, oat, almond, coconut, flax, etc. Like do they work, any difficulty’s,do’s dont’s. Would be memre valuable. What do you think? R.C.F.


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