Talking about rooting hormones, it’s about a combination of growth hormones which help stimulate the development of the root system of the plants.

This factor makes them mainly useful for cutting production because they boost its capacity to reproduce a healthy, vigorous root system with fast development, by means of dust, gel or liquid.

rooting hormones

rooting hormones

Auxin hormones, the most important one

Root hormones are also known as auxin hormones. This kind of hormone boosts the plant growth by helping the cut evolve from green stem-cell production to root-cell production – these root cells will develop a root system fast, able to make the clone develop alone normally.

What about their effect?

Root hormones increase the successful rooting possibilities of plants and cuttings, helping produce roots with better quality and size; the use of this type of hormone could be ideal for vertical gardening, because it minimizes the time needed by plants to grow properly, and it can also provide healthy, strong plant roots.

How are they used? Cutting reproduction

apply rooting hormone

apply rooting hormone

The use of rooting hormones during cutting reproduction process is very simple; the cloning branch is cut, and the rooting hormone is applied on the cut side, by means of dust, gel or liquid. It’s important to apply the rooting hormones properly, and take into account the applied quantity, in order to avoid cut damages. The quantity depends on the kind of rooting hormone – the product shows the suitable description.

Anyway, the usage is really simple, because you just have to apply the rooting product onto the cut and plant it directly into the substrate; firstly, irrigate it with little water, but taking into account that little water isn’t scarce water: in a few days, reproduction of a root system will be on – weak but fast enough to make the cutting develop; when growing, you have a cutting ready for growing times.

Best rooting product on the markets

Talking about prime rooting products, get Clonex of Growth Technology. Undoubtedly, this is the best rooting product, thanks to an active component known as indolibutyric (AIB), totally boosting the root system reproduction – Clonex uses liquid AIB, or gel AIB, since they’re the most effective formats; anyway, there’s a wide array of brands with many quality rooting products.

Video: Types and Functions

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