When talking about Monster Bloom, it’s about one of the most mythical products in cannabis business – this Grotek fertilizer has been delighting the most skilled growers for decades.

What does Monster Bloom do?

Monster Bloom deals with middle and final flowering stages for enhanced bud formation, increasing their size and quantity – with high phosphorus concentration, Monster Bloom plays a very important role when strain developing, producing an ideal structure for abundant flowering.

Besides, its high potassium level improves plant photosynthesis and starch production, increasing the resin levels and the final crop quality.

Lastly, regarding its content, it has an unknown percentage of natural derivatives of the plant for even better flowering.

monster bloom

monster bloom


Grotek’s Monster Bloom has to be used during the fourth flowering week, 0.3 g/irrigating-water liter – very important to stop using it 2/3 weeks before bud cutting to avoid fertilizer traces in the buds.

Fertilizer traces in the buds affect the flavor, the aroma and the smoker’s feeling, producing throat irritation when smoking – Gea Seeds suggests to stop using it 2/3 weeks before cropping; besides, good root washing can be ideal to totally remove unwanted traces: buds with excellent flavor, aroma and size.

Can it be combined with other products?

It can and it has to; Monster Bloom’s designed to supply the strain needs when fully flowering, but a flowering stimulator, type Delta 9, a flowering fertilizer or a flavor booster can be ideal partners – just pay attention to its composition to avoid over fertilizing the plants with phosphorus/potassium excesses.


  • 50% Phosphorus
  • 30% Potassium
  • 20% Not specified

Consequently, this has been one of the most popular products for decades – ideal composition for abundant huge buds, so, if trying to enhance your grow production to the maximum, Monster Bloom can be a very good option.


  1. Avatar for Mike

    Should I use it from week 4 to week 6 or last two weeks of flower?

    • Avatar for GeaSeeds

      The number of weeks is indicative. We should start using the Monster Bloom when the bud is already formed and it only remains to gain weight.

    • Avatar for Andy

      please tell me how many times and in what week..thanks


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