Today, we have a delicious recipe; special touch for all your pasta dishes, spread on buns, dressing pizzas/salads… Anyway, it’s so good!

Pesto sauce’s a very easy-to-prepare recipe – perfect for countless dishes; with a cannabis touch, this typical Italian recipe becomes real delicatessen.

pesto and marijuana

pesto and marijuana

There are two ways to prepare cannabis pesto; here you have two similar recipes, depending on the ingredients.

Recipe 1: marijuana olive oil

  1. -Recipe 1: marijuana olive oil
  2. -50-60gr pine nuts
  3. -1-2 garlic clove
  4. -150gr parmesan cheese – pesto’s made with parmesan and pecorino cheese (50% parmesan, 50% pecorino); instead of pecorino, mixed-milk cheese’s suitable too
  5. -1/4 glass of cannabis olive oil
  6. -Salt


It’s very simple; it should be prepared in the mortar, grinding gradually, but you can also use the blender.

  1. 1. Clean the basil leaves thoroughly, and put them in the mortar – or blender bowl – with pine nuts, garlic and a little salt
  2. 2. Grind it till it’s a dense paste
  3. 3. Add marijuana olive oil till the mixture gets uniform – not too liquid, not too thick; sauce texture’s up to you.
  4. 4. Add parmesan cheese and blend it thoroughly – if needed, more salt.

Now you have your delicious marijuana pesto sauce – easy-to-prepare, delicious recipe.

For pasta, add a little cooking water from the pasta if pesto’s too dense.

Recipe 2: with marijuana buds

The preparation of this recipe’s pretty much identical to the previous one – chopping and mixing.

What you have to do is substitute cannabis olive oil for traditional olive oil, adding about 15gr of clean marijuana buds.

In the fourth step, add the marijuana and the cheese, grinding till it’s a uniform paste – that’s it.

Can’t miss this delicious recipe – taste it at home; choose your favorite option – just tell us what it’s like.

Bon Appetit!!

Just saying:

As mentioned on previous posts, eaten/smoked marijuana effects are different; be careful – when eaten, there’s a much slower effect; if don’t know your ideal dose yet, consume little and wait for the effect, just in case you would have to increase your dose.


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