First of all, it has to be said that cannabis effects aren’t invariable, that is, marijuana effects depend on consumer, tolerance, consumed quantity, marijuana strain, quality, consuming method, grow and specific consuming situation – marijuana’s an aphrodisiac for you to be more sensitive to life pleasures, but its consumption’s not always providing more enjoyable sexual intercourses.

Kiss and marijuana

Kiss and marijuana

Anyway, if you’re a regular consumer and control cannabis effects, powerful marijuana consumption before sexual intercourses would provide more sensibility, longer orgasms and less fears, that is, marijuana consumption before sex tends to provide general pleasure rise – more oxytocin (hormone secreted by hypophysis to provide pleasure feeling during childbirth, breastfeeding or sex).

You should try different strains and consumption methods till you find what helps you improve sexual intercourses – more sensitive, sexual-act focused, no languishing, no sex-drive loss; some current research shows that marijuana consumption worsens male erection in certain individuals – if too high, you would fall asleep next to your partner, even too high to copulate (too high, no sex).

Which is the best strain?

Many people don’t know proper marijuana strains for sexual intercourses; as previously mentioned, everybody – and every strain – is an individual, but, anyway, here you have some guiding, general characteristics:

Marijuana and sex

Marijuana and sex

Sativa strains provide ideal invigorating effects for better sexual intercourses because libido’s increased – too much sativa could provoke paranoia; indica strains could improve your concentration and sexual intercourses, but their relaxing, physical effects wouldn’t be that helpful – for chronic pain, neurosis or anxiety, good indica consumption can help you enjoy sexual intercourses as ever.

Anyway, most consumers choose 70/30 hybrids – no extreme feelings.

Best marijuana consumption for better sexual intercourses

In contrast to what’s often affirmed, the best marijuana consumption method – when having sex – isn’t a joint; for better sexual intercourses, cannabis lubricants are the best option – these gels are applied on erogenous zones (genital organs, mainly), able to enhance and prolong female orgasm up to 15 min.

Summing up, cannabis consumption before sex increases libido, makes you more sensitive and perceptive, and it works as an inhibitor for you to get rid of fears – more pleasure, longer sexual intercourse; enjoy good puffs, or good gel, with your partner – as marijuana gels are illegal in Spain, making your own cannabis lubricant gel’s the best option.

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