When your beloved buds are grown, dried and cured, it’s very important to keep them in a particular place, following specific patterns, for them to be ideally preserved as long as possible.

Does marijuana get bad? What’s the expiration date?

Marijuana doesn’t expire, but, gradually, bud quality worsens – some curing months improve its quality, but, little by little, time diminishes its effects and flavor progressively; that doesn’t mean a crop kept along a year’s a bad crop, but it won’t have the aroma, flavor and effects of the first post-curing months.

marijuana in crystal jar

marijuana in crystal jar

How to preserve cannabis?

Many growers think that, when the buds are dried and cured, that’s it, and they don’t care about their proper storage – this post’s a brief overview on useful tips to keep your marijuana in top condition for a longer time. There are many ways to preserve marijuana – some growers prefer to keep it vacuum-packed, in glass jars or in tuppers.


The place where marijuana’s preserved has to be a tight package, away from oxygen direct contact – oxygen oxides the trichomes, and makes marijuana quality decrease constantly.


Weather conditions for marijuana preservation are fundamental – if exposed to high temperatures, marijuana will be harmed and the resin will be degraded, losing flavor, aroma and effect; marijuana will get too dried, lose its whole humidity and reduce its volume and weight – excess drying affects the smoker’s sensation, feeling like his throat scratched by the smoke.

Consequently, it’s suitable to keep marijuana at 15-25 degrees – if occasionally higher, no problem, but, if always higher, previously-mentioned feedback comes into play.


Humidity’s also a fundamental factor when preserving marijuana; if the buds are kept in a wet place, fungi will probably appear, so your crop would get impossible to be smoked – environmental humidity’s very important.

Besides, if humidity levels are too low, marijuana will get too dried, and this will also affect the crop quality negatively – average humidity parameters are a good way to keep marijuana in better condition for a longer time.

buds in bags

buds in bags


Light also degrades resin trichomes, and it affects marijuana quality negatively – for buds kept in top condition, it’s very interesting to find a dark space for the chosen container.

Video: Smoking 4 Year Old Weed

These have been some basic tips on dried-and-cured marijuana preserving – if in doubt, leave your comment and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

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