Marijuana beneficial effects on patients with glaucoma have been known over 5 decades; marijuana has become one of the most useful treatments to alleviate the effects of that disease – currently, many patients with glaucoma ask their ophthalmologist about that treatment.

The common history of glaucoma and marijuana started in 1971, when the first evidences on cannabis benefits were discovered; in 1975, Robert Randall, a patient with glaucoma, used marijuana for its treatment – this is a very famous case because a patient faced criminal charges, due to marijuana growing for medical treatment, and won the case alleging medical needs.

Currently, many states and countries have legalized marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

cannabis and glaucoma

cannabis and glaucoma

Why is marijuana beneficial on patients with glaucoma?

It has been proven that marijuana reduces intraocular pressure (IOP) 60-65% on patients with glaucoma; according to recent studies, average reduction of intraocular pressure is about 25%. The duration of these effects is short (3-4 hours); there’s a direct link between the consumed dose and its effects in the patient (not the duration of these effects), and the most successful method’s a joint or vaporizer (inhaling).

Some side effects

Marijuana consumption has a considerable number of side effects on some patients (tachycardia, blood pressure decrease), so blood flow is reduced in an optic nerve already committed to the disease – long-lasting cannabis consumption may produce lung diseases, slight addiction and tolerance development.

marijuana eye

marijuana eye

Main problem

The main problem is that beneficial effects of therapeutic marijuana on the negative effects of glaucoma in the body are short-lasting – about ten daily joints for the patient to control glaucoma effects along 24 hours; this amount of consumed marijuana makes it difficult for the patient to develop his work/leisure activities properly – economic costs can be very expensive: these limitations have positioned the main ophthalmologic organizations against marijuana use on glaucoma treatment, supporting the use of medicine already available in the pharmaceutical market.

Real experience, glaucoma and marijuana


Anyway, although slightly less effective than some other drugs and shorter-lasting effects, there are many patients into more natural treatments like cannabis consumption. Gea Seeds suggests to ask our ophthalmologist about it, regarding a professional opinion; we hope this post’s helpful and, you know, if in doubt, just leave your comment.


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