Usually, marijuana beginner growers don’t know if they have to focus on cutting grow or seed grow; obviously, these systems have specific needs, pros and cons – the grower needs to know them beforehand: this choice would define your growing characteristics, and its final results; next, we’re providing an overview on both methods for the grower to make his proper decision, mentioning the most remarkable data and characteristics.

cuttings vs marijuana

cuttings vs marijuana

Cuttings and seeds

Cuttings are a natural-reproduction method – by means of a plant branch, another new, independent strain’s generated (all the steps to produce cuttings are described on the post marijuana cuttings); seeds are the easiest way to obtain a marijuana plant – thousands of strains, from dozens of different banks, with predetermined characteristics.


The cuttings are the most reliable method for specific characteristics in your crop – the cutting’s a clone of another strain, previously selected due to its characteristics; as a clone, the cutting reproduces exactly the same characteristics from the parent plant – cuttings are totally homogeneous.

Seeds come from a previously-stabilized, specific strain; occasionally, mother/father’s characteristics aren’t exactly copied – a son’s not his parents’ clone (some major/minor variation, differently from cuttings): for exact characteristics, produce cuttings from the preserving strain – before feminized-seed outbreak, cuttings were top (it was the only reliable method for 100% feminized plants).

cuttings and marijuana

cuttings and marijuana

Unfortunately, cutting grow depends on a third party too often – reproducing and marketing these cuttings clandestinely, so, if you haven’t produced them, you won’t really know which strain you’re planting – relying on somebody unknown; you could also buy wrongly-rooted cuttings, or suffering from pests. On the other hand, seeds come from professionalized banks – specific characteristics, and the possibility to claim; seeds offer guarantees that cuttings don’t.

Cutting production forces the grower to maintain a mother plant for generations – very difficult, and ongoing extra light; nevertheless, if you produce your own cuttings, you’ll save seeds – the whole growing from the same plant.

Cutting grows and seed grows have different production and homogeneity; seeds are more productive than cuttings – different phenotypes provide different growth, very tasty seeds, not so tasty… Varied results. On the other hand, cuttings produce less buds than seeds, with the same phenotype – homogeneous growing, with the same quality.

This production’s different because the cuttings produce many lateral roots which find it hard to deepen; marijuana seeds have a main, vigorous root – faster, stronger trunk and branches: strong branches with bigger buds.

cuttings and marijuana

cuttings and marijuana

Cuttings have weaker branches, but they start blooming as soon as they get introduced indoors – less growth time and energy consumption; indoor cutting/seed growing’s different – 100-150gr in the final crop.

Outdoor cutting growing’s more difficult – they have 18 indoor light hours, but there are less outdoor hours; outdoor cuttings tend to relate the light-hour change to blooming stage – slow-developing replanted cuttings which produce many very weak eyes. As another option, they could grow indoors and bloom outdoors – energy consumption, and effort, would be much higher than planting directly a seasonal seed.

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Summing up, seeds are more productive but the crop tends to vary remarkably among strains – abundant crop, but heterogeneous; cuttings produce less abundant crops, although totally homogeneous.

Now, it’s up to you – less abundant crop with top quality, or abundant crop with varied quality; when in doubt, read our posts on cuttings and feminized plants – if still in doubt, just contact us by phone or online (our customer-care service will give you proper advice).

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