US elections have led to a commotion; Oval Office struggle between Trump and Clinton finished with Trump’s victory – undoubtedly, this left nobody indifferent.

Apart from the analysis on US strength – republicans and democrats represent 95% of the votes, many countries boasting of democracy are jealous because, during presidential elections, some referenda on citizenship were held, regarding delicate matters such as slavery – incredibly, Colorado rejected an amendment on its constitutional modifications about current references to “forced servitude”, death penalty or what we are going to talk about in this post: cannabis medical and leisure use.

eeuu cannabis

California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine legalize marijuana consumption

Headlines such as “Marijuana wins in the USA”, “Marijuana, the great winner”, “The green face of Election Day”, “Marijuana gains ground in the USA” can be read in the media these days; California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine citizenship has approved cannabis legalization for leisure purposes, so, in the absence of effective legislative regulation, eight US States are about to allow leisure use of our beloved plant – previously, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

Besides, in Florida, Arkansas, Montana and North Dakota, cannabis medical use was allowed; few US States prohibit its therapeutic use – it should be allowed worldwide.

Regarding that, in Spain, citizenship is not ready to vote on cannabis, these elections – from distance – make us jealous… So jealous, because, in Europe, mainly in Spain, this referendum is light years away.

We just have to keep making citizenship aware of it; hopefully, other places have planted cannabis sanity seed and it is gradually growing.

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