Nowadays, regular seeds are cannabis forgotten seeds; usually, growers prefer feminized/autoflowering strains – no wasted time/money, sexing and pulling up plants which have been controlled along the whole growing stage. Regular seeds offer different possibilities from the rest of the seeds; next, we analyze pros/cons regular-seed characteristics.

Male and female marijuana

Male and female marijuana

What are marijuana regular seeds?

Marijuana regular seeds can produce male/female plants (unknown sex); traditionally, all the plants were regular, but, when feminized plants appeared, most of the growers forgot about regular plants.

For regular-plant growing, you have to plant the seeds, take care of them along the growing stage and, before blooming, pay attention to sexing – which one’s male/female (pulling out the males and keeping the growing of the females, since they produce the buds); pay attention to it because, if a male manages to produce a whole flower and it releases the pollen, it’s possible that all the crop strains become hermaphrodite quickly, wasting the whole crop in a second – that’s why feminized seeds got so successful (no risk, and no pulled-up plants which have been controlled along the whole growing stage).


Female plants from regular seeds are always much more vigorous and strong than the ones from feminized seeds – much less prone to hermaphroditism, pest problems, stress and inclement weather.

Seeds and Plants

Seeds and Plants

Mainly, they’re expert-favorite seeds because of their wide range of phenotypes (specific characteristics of a strain), so regular seeds generate much more variety and let the specialized grower create his own strains (by crossing) with his selected, precise characteristics; this can also be achieved with feminized seeds, selecting and breeding his favorites, but regular seeds offer much more varied phenotypes – much more possibilities for the grower: much more varied vegetative behavior, flavor, smell, production and effect.

You know, if thinking about your own strain with all your favorite, adequate characteristics, just try regular seeds – background option with unique possibilities.

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