All the experienced consumers carry staple kits all the time, right? Key point in your routine; don’t forget it – don’t be unprofessional.

rolling paper

rolling paper

However, even the fittest could get unprepared and forget rolling paper; here you have some very interesting home-made alternatives – check it out!

Find a suitable replacement for rolling paper

Currently, you have a lot of options; if keen on artistic skills, or carbon copies from time to time, you could have some tracing paper in your pocket – actually, it’s a good option (Bible paper), much better than a mag or ticket, although it’s not that common among consumers.

Even gum paper, for other less creative consumers; can you see the wrapping silver paper? The wrapping aluminum surface is a suitable replacement – it can be scratched without damaging the paper.

Rolling corn husks

So good that it deserves a special section; once dried, corn-cob wrapping external layers are natural paper for high times.

Probably, it’s the least harmful option – flexible, fibrous, smooth, natural leaves maintaining all their properties (even dry); many countries use this kind of joint-rolling leaves as a traditional consuming method – they say it’s used in Mexico and the USA (these dried leaves can be bought in big stores).

Bottle/bucket traditional method

Paper can be replaced by home-made pipes; here you have two easy, similar options – no difficult-to-get stuff:

You need an empty water/soda 2l bottle – cut it into two halves (bottom-third approx. height) and adapt aluminum foil to the bottle top (for easy air circulation, pierce it several times)..

  • Hold a plastic bag to the cut edge, and squeeze it into the bottle; put some cannabis on the loose aluminum foil (on the bottle top): while cannabis is being burned, the bag’s pulled, so there should be some vacuum – once the bag’s totally burning, the aluminum foil is removed and upcoming smoke’s inhaled.

  • Bucket method is very similar, but bigger size is required – 10l bucket needs 6/7 l. Put the bottle into the bucket, and push it to avoid floating; put the aluminum foil on the bottle top, and cannabis on top of it; burn it and raise the bottle slightly – there would be internal air-smoke vacuum.

When unprepared, these are some rolling home-made alternatives; which is your favorite?

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