Probably, you find unusual that Gea Seeds, company focused on marijuana seed trading, publishes a post on practical advice when you want to quit smoking weed or to smoke less joints; we also understand – and we want to help – those people who want to quit for different reasons.


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As you all know, there is not any miraculous secret to quit smoking; long-term tobacco consumption is addictive, and the necessary effort to quit smoking is in our hands. But, what tips should we follow if we want to deal with a bearable process?

Best Quit-Smoking tips

Gea Seeds expects all this information to be useful, if you are planning to quit joints; our purpose has been to provide some tips to ease your objective, and to talk about the benefits on quitting marijuana as a personal motivation.

Change your routine

Firstly, Gea Seeds suggests you to join as many activities as possible, that is, try to change your routine and consumption-provoking activities, so you would quit it much easier. You have to ask yourself about the habits which foster your consumption, and try to substitute them by other healthier ones; the less downtime in your daily life, the less time for cannabis consumption, or for thinking about it.

Reduce the dose

When quitting joints, another helpful trick is progressive reduction. Many average cannabis consumers are used to consuming high marijuana doses, so sudden consumption abandonment could be kind of traumatic; in this case, progressive reduction could provide a much more bearable change.

Try to reduce your consumption week after week, smoothly but constantly; obviously, the reducing amount will depend on your usual consumption level. If you used to smoke five joints per day, try to reduce it down to three or four, and, on the following week, to two or one, till you are able to have a few puffs per day and, then, quitting would be much easier. You will indicate the reducing amount and the tempos, since nobody knows your habits, needs and willpower better than yourself; on the other hand, just try to reduce the marijuana amount in every joint: the less marijuana in your dose, the minor effects, and the minor dependence.


Substitute by substances or food

When quitting joints, another helpful trick is consumption substitution by other less harmful substances for your health, like dry fruit, gum, candy or whatever you like and keeps you entertained. These have been some practical tips when quitting or reducing our nicotine or marijuana consumption, but, what benefits would we obtain once we reach our goal?

Benefits after quitting joints and tobacco

As you know, when we quit smoking, the benefits are multiple and wide; next, we mention some of the most remarkable ones. Firstly, when you quit smoking your blood pressure and heart frequency get slowed down, reducing the risk of a heart attack and, generally, all kinds of cardiovascular illnesses.

Besides, pulmonary oxygenation improves, so our performance improves too, in any physical activity; other outstanding benefits are smell and taste regularization, and minor probability of catching flue, cold or bronchial infections. Lastly, when you quit smoking great amounts of marijuana, you reduce the risk of suffering from mental diseases, and you considerably diminish the possibilities of developing lung cancer, pharynx cancer, larynx cancer, etc.


Motivation and Willpower are important

Remember that these are some tips to help you quit the joints, but the definite solution resides in your willpower; following these steps, it would be more bearable, but, whether being able to do it or not, it is in your hands.

Similarly, remember that nobody has died due to marijuana overdose.

Lastly, if none of these tips helps you, and you do not reach your goal, you should look for professional medical advice, for you to be properly counseled.

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