Gradually, more countries decriminalize and regulate cannabis consumption and growing. Through the years, Portugal, the U.S.A., Uruguay or Canada come into play; Canada is outstanding, presenting a new marijuana legalization bill, and regarding cannabis possession penal history removal, that is, it is aiming at an amnesty for those condemned for marijuana possession.

It is supposed to be ruled in July, 2018, because it was one of Justin Trudeau’s campaign promises, Canada Prime Minister. In fact, according to his Public Security Minister, Ralph Goodale, Canadian government is working on cannabis consumption legal implications.

canada and marijuana

canada and marijuana

This way, the U.S. states which have legalized marijuana are aware of Canadian cannabis industry, because they could assume a lost commercial opportunity for the U.S.A., being commercially surpassed by Canada, thanks to its more mechanized, advanced and regularized industry.

C-45 Law or Cannabis Act

Canada new marijuana legalization law, known as C-45 Law or Cannabis Act, and its 220 pages, have been presented to the parliament; according to this new law, every citizen would be able to carry 30 marijuana grs. legally. Only adults would sell and possess it, although it would depend on the province or concrete territory, increasing the minimum age at will. Every house would have the right to grow four one-meter-high plants; their seeds would be legal – not every seed is legal. Cannabis sales and distribution will be officially managed, respecting the federal legal frame. The citizen would buy marijuana online, from a federally authorized seller. International marijuana shipping is totally prohibited and penalized. Teen marijuana advertising is totally prohibited, as well as vending machines in free-service points. Tourists would not cross the frontier when possessing marijuana, but, when in Canada, they would consume it totally free.

flag cannabis canada

flag cannabis canada

However, some details are not precise enough yet; for instance, marijuana sale price and marijuana taxes have not legally stipulated: besides, there is no clear information on marijuana food or on fines and rules about public consumption.

Drug driving test

It is a very interesting issue; many consumers claim that Spanish drug test does not score the consumed amount, so cannabis consumers are defenseless. In Spain, a marijuana consumer can be punished with a €3,000 fine, license removing or, with victims, even prison, even without cannabis consumption on that very day or on previous days, because THC is accumulated in the saliva, so, even without any consumption during one day, the test could be positive, since it does not score the consumed amount, or consumption date: it just indicates negative or positive.

cars in canada

cars in canada

In Canada, police will receive a new tool which will test drug leveling in saliva, like a breathalyzer; this is an important comfort to all the drivers who consume this substance.

As seen along this post, Canada is stepping seriously on cannabis legalization; a new country around cannabis regularization: hopefully, a list of countries which is exponentially increasing year after year.

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