Marijuana brew is one of the easiest and fastest recipes you can elaborate; it is not complicated: just a few ingredients to be mentioned now, and patience; it will take a little while to feel the effects.

marijuana infusion

Ingredients to make Marijuana tea with milk

  • Undoubtedly, our main ingredient is marijuana leaves or buds. Marijuana brew grams can vary, depending on the case: for leaves, two or three grams per glass; for buds, 0.2-0.5 grams per glass. These quantities are oriented to average consumers.
  • Whole fat milk. Milk is used because THC is not properly dissolved in water; whole milk has to be used, because the cannabinoids are adhered to the fat in a more effective way.
  • Sugar/Honey.

Easy preparation Step by Step

  1. For marijuana brew, heat the milk quantity at will.
  2. Add marijuana buds or leaves, and leave it on a medium heat over five minutes.
  3. Stirring and mixing everything very well.
  4. Once removed from the fire, take away the traces with a strainer, and pour them into a mug.
  5. Sugar or honey is added at wil.
  6. Ready to drink!

As you can see, its elaboration has not any mystery, and it is extremely simple.

Video: Best way to make Weed Tea at home

Does Marijuana Tea get you high?

It will take a little while to feel its effects, up to two hours; generally, between 30 and 60 minutes, but not all the cases are the same. The applied marijuana strain is directly related to the provided effects – relaxing, social or active; remember that not all the marijuana strains are similar: hundreds of strains provide different power and different effects.

Drink the brew with responsibility; drinking marijuana is more powerful than smoking marijuana.

Other options

For this recipe, other options are hot water with sugar, diluting a tea spoon of marijuana butter in it; the resulting effect is notorious, and milk is not needed for its elaboration: anyway, if you use marijuana for medical effects, you will obtain the same benefits after digesting the brew.


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