Usually, you’ve watched American rap vids with rappers smoking a kind of cigar while mentioning marijuana consumption; yeah, you’re right, they’re not smoking cigars, but blunts – marijuana in tobacco leaves (gradually, it has become internationally known); nowadays, you can buy single flavored tobacco sheets – fruit, herb, food, drinks.



Where to get a blunt

You can get flavored blunts in any tobacco shop – coffee, banana, strawberry, chocolate, cocoa, mint, honey, mango, strained pineapple, berries, tequila, water melon, apple, sambuca, peach, cinnamon, grape (popular, legal tobacco sheets for cheap, simple, fast, good blunts).

Blunts are bigger than average joints – L length and cigar thickness, depending on the shredded marijuana quantity (tobacco shops say they’re wider than a cigarette, but slimmer than a Corona).

Flavors of Blunts

Where does the name of blunt come from?

It comes from a mythical American cigarette company called Phillies Blunt; from Philadelphia, they started marketing uniquely-sized cigarettes: gradually, the name of blunt got popular in the 80s – any cheap, simple, fast marijuana joint.

How to make a blunt

Although very simple, first of all you need dry tobacco leaves, or laminated, flavored, single, prepared tobacco leaves, with, at least, shredded marijuana for four joints; shred it and roll it in the tobacco leaf, like an average joint; when rolled, many advanced consumers put it into the microwave oven for a few seconds – the tobacco leaf gets totally dried for better combustion (the leaves are laminated and wet; otherwise, they wouldn’t get rolled because they’d dissolve in your hands).

Now you’re blunt masters; for your first blunt, Gea Seeds warns you to be careful and consume little by little – marijuana effect in your body’s important: enjoy this internationally-known pleasure carefully.

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