What is SCROG cultivation? SCROG is the abbreviation for “Screen Of Green”. Its name refers directly to the appearance of our cannabis grow room when we use this type of technique.
This cultivation system allows us to maximize the yield of our plants in the closet with a smaller number of specimens, only 1 to 5 are needed.

Screen Of Green

Screen Of Green

How is it done?

To carry out this type of system requires a wire mesh, bamboo or elastic mesh that are specially designed for the SCROG, which should be placed about 20cm from the pots.

When the plant grows, we must entangle it and tie it to the grid to prevent its height from exceeding. In this way we will encourage the plant to branch out and fill all the holes in the grid.

We must have the plants in growing period until, in the case of Indica varieties, the plants have occupied 80% of the grid space and, in the case of sativa varieties, have occupied 70% of the space.

These percentages are approximate, it also depends on the varieties we are cultivating and if we have started from seed or cuttings.

At this point, we must change the photoperiod to 12/12 so that they enter flowering phase and gradually the plants end up covering the grid completely.



Cultivation in SCROG allows all branches to receive the same amount of light, something that the plant will appreciate with a harvest of maximum quality.
The rest of the flowering period usually runs until harvest.

Advantages and disadvantages of SCROG

Advantages: The advantages of growing in SCROG are basically that this system makes it possible to obtain a higher production by growing fewer plants, which is, on the one hand, a saving in products such as seeds and, on the other hand, in work, since we will have to deal with fewer plants.

SCROG cannabis

SCROG cannabis

It is also a great advantage for the cultivation of sativa varieties in cupboards, which are difficult to control indoors because of the size they can reach, but which can be cultivated perfectly with this system.

Finally, another clear advantage is that the harvest obtained is of the highest quality, since the plants receive the same light and we can get rid of harvesting low buds that do not like so much.


The most notable drawback is that the growth phase in SCROG’s crop is longer than in conventional crops, so annual harvests will be reduced. Also, for some people it may seem quite laborious to have to tangle and bind the plant during the entire vegetative stage until we change the photoperiod.

Another factor that we must consider is that we should prune to allow air circulation and prevent the proliferation of fungi and pests, this is certainly something that must be kept very much in mind.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this cultivation system allows us to know if it is a technique that can be adapted to our needs. For now, the option will always be available to those who are encouraged and prefer quality over quantity.

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