Marijuana growing’s a very complex process, with many different determining factors for the final result; this post deals with different tips for you to get abundant, quality crops – no unwanted setbacks.

Tips for growing marijuana

Tips for growing marijuana

Tips for better marijuana growing

Prepare the growing space properly – clean and ready for planting; good growing space’s essential – discreet, wide and comfortable, with suitable growing stuff (manicured/self-retractable trimming scissors, tutors and latex gloves).

Cropping time; temperature, humidity, pests, and geographical area – short summers need fast strains (no fungi), and the plants wouldn’t have enough time to develop their buds totally: you have to select the strains and the kind of grow, depending on your geographical position in the planet.

Plant-cutting time; use a lens to observe the trichomes – when amber or white colored, and lollipop shaped, or when falling the main leaves while the rest gets yellowish, it’s the perfect time.

Drying/curing space; growing space has to be dark, ventilated, discreet, clean, no humidity (no fungi), moderate temperature.

Cutting and planting marijuana

Cutting and planting marijuana

Plant cutting/hanging; hanging the whole plant, or branch after branch, is up to the grower – usually, they are totally cut around the base, and the leaves are peeled and hung branch after branch (away from the buds: no humidity).

For marijuana curing, first of all, the best option’s to remove the bigger/sucking leaves, and, then, manicure the buds (remove the bud-covering leaves).

Obviously, there are many more determining factors for grow quality – light, pH levels in irrigating water, genetics quality, fertilizers… Generally speaking, the most determining factors have been described on this post: try to control them all, learn your best and focus on your crop as much as possible – key to successful, perfect growing.

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