This post’s precisely focused on the different functions of fertilizers for cannabis grows; fertilizer market’s extremely overcrowded – it’s very difficult to choose the best fertilizer among thousands of names, brands and types of products, so many beginner growers aren’t keen on the functions of every type of fertilizer.

Types of fertilizer

Types of fertilizer

Generally, we’re describing the main types of compost and their functions – chronologically, along the vital cycles of the plant.


It develops and boosts the growing root system – the strains assimilate the nutrients much more, growing stronger and more vigorous; rooting fertilizers are very useful when cutting, or controlling mother plants.

Cuttings are clones from a mother plant – a little branch is cut and planted to grow on its own; it’s very delicate for the branch to develop its own root system – rooting fertilizers are helpful for that crucial moment: without a good rooting fertilizer, the branch would die or take a long time to root.

This way, rooting fertilizers are a very good option for cuttings, mother plants and normal strains during their first development days.

Marijuana roots

Marijuana roots


Growth products are produced to improve strain development – faster, more vigorous growth; more robust plants, with more branched structures and stronger, fatter trunks – good structure provides highly-bloomed strains (properly supporting the weight of these flowers).

In fact, wrong growth provokes scarce flowers (smaller and lighter); for top crop and monetized investment, good growth compost’s totally necessary.

Usually, these products are made of nitrogen – the most demanded element by strains at this stage (from the second post-germination week till the second week after blooming gets started and the plants have a growth spurt).

Blooming stimulators

They boost the blooming stage, shorten the branch internodes and ease a structure to improve the forthcoming production of flowers, facilitate resin production, and improve the effect, flavor and smell of the flowers; they’re used during the first blooming weeks – some growers start using them one or two weeks before this stage. Usually, their application is via foliar (spraying them onto the plants).

Flowering marijuana

Flowering marijuana


Blooming is one of the most interesting stages for cannabis growers; blooming products are focused on this stage, and they improve the crop notoriously – heavier, longer, fatter plants (with this blooming product, plants produce more heavy, big flowers). Usually, the main components of these products are phosphorus and potassium – the two main minerals consumed by the strains at this stage.

These products have to be used from blooming start till one or two weeks before cropping.

Bud burster, PK or “fattening”

This type of fertilizer, called “bud burster”, is used during the final blooming stage, together with blooming compost; once the flowers have started blooming, a bud burster will make the flowers explode – much bigger size and weight, and much more resin (better bud quality).

This way, PK/fattening products are very similar to blooming products, although exclusively focused on making the buds grow, and making the resin amount increase; they’re used from the fourth or fifth growing week till the seventh, quitting two weeks before cropping – approximate times, depending on the growing strain.

They’re known as PK – potassium (K) and phosphorus (P), the two main elements of these products.

Marijuana with fattening PK

Marijuana with fattening PK

Flavor enhancer

They have a high level of reducing sugars and carbohydrates – higher production of trichomes and resin (better smell and flavor); these products are the icing on the cake – top crop with unique flavor and smell.

This has been a brief overview on the types of fertilizers and their main functions; for more info, have a look on precise feedback about every product – many extensive, specific descriptions on them online (composition, function, use and price): get into it, and know how to improve your crop in every respect.

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