Marijuana seed germination is the first step to start our growing; there are different germination methods, and every grower has his preferences, but Gea Seeds wants to share the best seed germination method with the growers, so you would be undoubtedly successful.

germinate marijuana seeds

germinate marijuana seeds

For growing, cannabis plant behavior is important, and germination is the first step in the life of our plants.

What is germination?

Germination is the process for the seed to be born and grown, becoming a seedling; for that, some factors are required: humidity, oxygen, darkness and heat.

  • Humidity: about 90% humidity is required for seed germination.
  • Oxygen: it also needs enough oxygen to start developing.
  • Darkness: it is important to avoid direct light on seeds – germination would be handicapped.
  • Heat: seeds have to be in a warm environment, 20-24 degrees; never below 20 degrees – provide heat sources, if necessary.

If these factors are not adequate, the seed will not germinate; that is why it is so important to be careful during germination – you are responsible of the proper seed parameters.

How to germinate marijuana seeds?

Next, we describe the best cannabis seed germination method; it is very easy – just follow these steps:

What does germination need?

  • Tupper
  • Tissues or kitchen paper – no drawings
  • Bottled mineral water
  • A glass

How to germinate your seeds:

  1. Put the seeds into the glass of warm mineral water – about 20 degrees.
  2. Leave the glass in a warm place – 25 degrees – for 24 hours as maximum.
  3. Moisten the kitchen paper and remove the excess water; it is very important to avoid excess paper humidity – damp, not soaked.
  4. Put the damp paper into the tupper.
  5. Put the seeds onto the damp paper, leaving space between them – otherwise, the roots would get tangled.
  6. Put another damp kitchen paper layer on the seeds; previously, this paper has to be drained too, so there is not any humidity excess.
  7. Close the tupper.
  8. Put the tupper in a warm, dark place.
  9. On the following days, check the paper; if dry, moisten it again – not too soaked: the seeds would not germinate.

A few days later, the root will have sprouted, being planted into a flowerpot.

How to plant marijuana seed

  1. Irrigate the soil, before placing the seed.
  2. Make a little 2-3mm hole.
  3. Place the seed with the root down, and cover it with the substrate.
  4. In 1-3 days, the plant will sprout.

How long does it take for a marijuana seed to germinate?

Generally, the seed should germinate in 24-72 hours; however, some seeds would need up to 10 or 12 days: if the seed has not germinated either, this would be hardly difficult – just discard it.

Unfortunately, in many countries, legislation does not allow cannabis seed germination; Gea Seeds begs you to get updated on the current legislation in your country, before dealing with cannabis seed germination: Gea Seeds declines any liability on the illicit usage that third parties could do of our products.

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