Bong’s an excellent option to cheer an afternoon or enliven a fellow evening – these gadgets have been used for cannabis and flavored tobacco for centuries; very easy to prepare – some specific knowledge’s needed (many beginner smokers should get to know it).

How to prepare a bong

How to prepare a bong

Bong smoking makes you taste tobacco fruity tone or multiply the power of your crop, alone or accompanied – easy way (no substantial economic investment); here you have, step by step, all you need to know to use your bong and surprise the most exquisite palates:

Step by step

  1. Fill the bong tank with water till the tube’s covered – smoke would filter and purify thru water.
  2. Twist all the bong parts properly and fix the smoke-inhaling hoses thoroughly.
  3. Shred the tobacco properly, and put it into the bowl slightly pressed – ventilated to combust adequately (tobacco/cannabis amount is up to you).
  4. Cover the tobacco/marijuana with aluminum foil and make a hole in the middle – other smaller holes around (the more thin holes, the better).
  5. Light the coal with a lighter/stove and place it onto the aluminum foil (on the tobacco/marijuana).
  6. Inhale the smoke thru the hoses, and move the coal of the bowl to keep it lit – if unlit, light it till bright red again.

Next, some tips for better experience and real-expert bong user:

Some tips

Clean the bong properly after usage – no disgusting ashtray smell; fast cleaning prolongs bong lifespan and gets better experiences – check the bong body (its most dirty part).

Keep the tobacco in a fresh place, i.e. fridge – if dried, its properties get worse (bitterer taste and sore throat).

Smoke bong

Smoke bong

– Several liquids for bongs – water, juice, honey, liquor, milk or any other favorite tasty drink for your bong unique touch.

You can add ice onto the inner liquid – fresh ice, better smoking experience.

Bright red coal’s firstly placed on both sides of the bowl, getting close to the center while smoking (uniform tobacco combustion).

Getting a bong’s not necessary – you can make your own bong with different objects and food (lemon, water melon, coconut); our post about making your own bong’s precisely focused on this fast, easy, simple process.

Discover the amazing bong world and enjoy an excellent sensation!


  1. Avatar for Big Daddy Smoke

    This article step by step explains the procedure to prepare a bong. Only some steps have to be followed to keep the bong in a good condition. Hence this site is quite advantageous.

  2. Avatar for Richard C. Forgeng

    I believe there is a difference between Bong, and Hookah. A Bong (the word originates in the orient people) Bong rhymes with Gong. Bang the Gong. Word orientation. My first encounter with a Californian man’s Bong was 1971. It was not a Hookah, a Bamboo Bong to be precise.If it’s not Bamboo it’s a water pipe. Hookah has multiple discharge ports. Still a water pipe. Bong is a solo consumption unit. Your’s truly RCF (Engineering Grat “79”)


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