Today, we are going to learn how to make marijuana cuttings; firstly, some background. The word esqueje is a loanword from Catalan esqueix – ripping or crack in a rock or ground, and fragment of plant unattached from the parent plant, planted in damped soil to be rooted and reproduced. The Catalan word comes from Vulgar Latin schidium, which, in turn, resulted in the Italian word scheggio, vulgar word from Cultivated Latin schidia.

Historical and etymological origins.

In fact, the word schidia appeared in the work of classic writers like Vitrubius or Pliny the Elder; besides, the Latin word is, in turn, a loanword from Greek σχίδια, plural neutral of σχίδιον – schidia or schiza, that is, fragment of unattached wood, chip, bifurcated branch of a plant or way. The Greek word comes from the Greek verb σχίζω – schizo, that is, split or rip.

marijuana cuttings

marijuana cuttings

Archaeological research is not precise; solid background is not present. Documentarily, ancient civilizations used this technique: Classical Greece, Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon or some pre-Columbian civilizations.

What is a cutting?

Marijuana cuttings are a fragment of a plant, separated with a reproductive pursuit. This system consists of cutting a stem of the plant we want to reproduce and planting it in the soil, to produce growing roots. This way, rooted plants will be genetically identical to their progenitors, that is, we will have featured a maternal clone.

How is a cutting made?

We can point several ways of cutting making, depending on the moment they are made: firstly, bud cuttings; secondly, tender-branch cuttings; thirdly, gross and strong cuttings from semi-lignified branches; lastly, lignified cuttings or stake cuttings.

How to make marijuana cuttings

Mainly, cutting reproduction is asexual, that is, just one progenitor is needed, so the first step is a mother plant to extract the cuttings.

Obviously, if we know something about the ecology of regular, feminized and autoflowering strains, we will know which ones are able to make cuttings, and which ones are not; self-flowering strains do not get into blooming, due to photoperiod: this beginning is set by chronological time – the days, so cuttings cannot be made – have not to be made, because it makes no sense – with automatic or self-flowering strains; for example, if we cut a branch after three weeks of growth, this cutting will flourish as soon as it starts rooting, so we will have a tiny plant. Feminized and regular strains are different; we can take cuttings, and, in indoor grows, they will flourish if the hours are 12/12 set.

Cuttings step by step

Following up, we synthesize how to make cuttings step by step, that is, the point is providing a fast and simple tutorial or manual, describing the whole process as clearly as possible. Later, on cutting recommendations, we will solve possible doubts on these steps.

prepare a cuttings step by step

Step 1

Firstly, we have to cut a tender piece of the plant we want to clone, peeling the stem to ease root production.

Step 2

Secondly, we have to place that plant piece in a bowl with water, or in damp soil, till it develops some roots. We have to take into account that some cuttings can get rotten in water before rooting. If this happens, the best you can do is planting them directly in soil, using a rooting product.

Step 3

Thirdly, you have to bury the bottom part of the cutting and irrigate it continuously. If everything is properly performed, in a couple of weeks you will have a new plant totally cloned, independent from its asexual progenitor, that is, the mother plant. Generally, if you follow these steps everything will be proper, because marijuana is a vegetal species very easy to reproduce and multiply asexually, that is, by means of cuttings.

Lastly, the ideal temperature to produce cuttings is 18º-22ºC, and relative humidity has to reach over 90%, by means of heated mini-greenhouses.

What materials do I need to make marijuana cuttings?

Following up, we provide a list with all the basic materials you can need if you decide to produce your own cuttings.

  1. Firstly, a parent plant to extract the cuttings.
  2. Disinfected scissors, or razors, shaving blades or scalpels.
  3. Soil to plant the cuttings.
  4. If produced indoors, white/blue light source.
  5. Rooting product (rooting hormones).
  6. Brush to apply the hormones.
  7. Glass of water.
  8. Greenhouse or propagator.

Tips to make cuttings

When you cut the pieces of mother plant, you can use the apical sprouts to cut some leave tips, in order to avoid dehydration.

When using Jiffis, they can be soaked in warm water for about 10 minutes. When using rock wool, it can be soaked in 4.5 pH water, with some rooting product, for 24 hours.

For proper plant rooting, the cutting cut can be soaked by rooting hormones.

When planted indoors, they will have to be vaporized every day, with 18/6 photoperiod.

where to get marijuana cuttings from.

where to get marijuana cuttings from.

After the first week, if the soil gets dried, we will maintain it under some water centimeters for about 20 minutes.
After the first fortnight, we can remove the mini-greenhouse lid; if they are folded or limp, they should come back to the mini-greenhouse for a few days.

If they have not been rooted after 25 days, they will not probably root anymore. Try it again, and try to find out your mistake.
When rooted, you only have to transplant them into the final soil, and administer rooting-marijuana compost. Moreover, you could create your own home-made rooting hormones.

How to make home-made rooting hormones?

As mentioned above, rooting hormones are used for productive and increased roots by means of the cuttings, although they can be useful to stimulate the development of the root system of the plants.
Now we introduce three different formulas to produce our own rooting hormones:

  1. Lentils: put a cup of lentils with four cups of water for a few days; when they germinate, the solution will be ready.
  2. Weeping willow:place cuttings or pieces of branches with bark and water in a bowl, letting it rest for 3 weeks.
  3. Wheat or maize:mix a cup of wheat or maize, with one cup of water. After a week, the solution will be ready.

When can I make the cuttings?

Generally, the best periods to make cuttings are spring and summer. About marijuana, you can make the cuttings as soon as possible, for them to properly root, grow and flourish before crop period; basically, in northern hemisphere it is recommended to make them between May and June, while, in southern hemisphere, it is recommended between November and January. When making indoor cuttings, the time of the year is not relevant, because we reproduce the photoperiod. And our mother plant will have to be growing constantly, because we cannot make cuttings from a flourished plant.

When can I transplant them?

When having the cuttings made, we must know the moment to plant them in the final soil. As previously mentioned, if it is in northern hemisphere, they are made between May and July; if in southern hemisphere, between November and January. In fact, the best months are July and January, because the cutting needs time to get properly rooted, grown and big enough for flourishing.

But, if made beforehand, due to scarce light hours, they will probably start to flourish and, with increased light hours, they will replant, so we have to transplant them into the final soil when they are properly rooted and they have some growing months ahead.

Advantages and disadvantages of crops with cuttings

Asexual cutting reproduction allows us to produce plants ready to bud straight and direct, if we compare it to average seeds. Moreover, one of the best advantages is focused on knowing the future plant characteristics beforehand, differently from seeds.

With the cuttings, we confirm that the clone characteristics will be similar to mother plant ones, so it is the only way for us to assure proper genetics in our crop, preserving and consuming our favorite genetics. Besides, you can always make cuttings from your favorite variety, and preserve them in a low-budget indoor facility. This way, you will be able to plant the same genetics in the following season, assuring your crop quality..


Summing up, marijuana reproduction by means of cuttings is really simple. We only have to follow some simple steps and we will assure our favorite marijuana, preserving our favorite genetics; besides, for cutting reproduction, we only have to get a pair of scissors, rooting hormones and learning attitude, so this system is useful and low-demanding. Without a doubt, just try it, and get the best quality with minimum effort.

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