Many growers think growing marijuana in winter’s impossible, stating it’s too cold, not sunny enough and, consequently, the plants can’t develop – kind of true statements, but there are some ways to combat these problems and benefit from those weather conditions to get a good crop.

Obviously, it’s difficult to obtain midsummer-growing quality, very sunny with ideal weather, but not difficult at all – it’s totally necessary to use auto flowering plants because they don’t depend on photo period, so they can produce buds regardless of daylight, with faster flowering to reduce fungi-pest risks.

Main difficulties

For winter growing, the main difficulties are cold, humidity and scarce sunlight – these three factors make the grow really complicated, but there are some methods to help overcome these difficulties and obtain a quality crop.

marijuana in winter

marijuana in winter

What to do

Against cold

Firstly, to combat the problem of cold weather, the best option is, if possible, grounded growing, and in a greenhouse – grounded growing is better because heat’s kept properly, the roots suffer from warmer temperature and, consequently, paralyzed functions are more unlikely.

When pot growing, the only protection of the root system against cold is the pot plastic, so cold’s more likely to affect the roots – many growers, when not being able to grow grounded, use pots, but they cover them with cold-isolating materials, and other growers use more modern systems to heat it on, such as heating cables to heat the pots.

That’s about the root system, but, what about the air zone of the plant? It’s the most suffering part of the plant from cold and humidity, so it has to be covered with greenhouse-like plastic – at night, the greenhouse keeps the heat collected during the day, with the plants in a more suitable temperature, and, besides, some people use some systems to heat the internal growing space, such as heaters or other devices.

Against humidity

A relative-humidity sensor in the greenhouse’s very useful – with excess humidity levels, depending on your precise geographical location, you can always use a dehumidifier, but, if the greenhouse is very big, it will be very difficult for the dehumidifier to control the internal humidity, so the best option is controlling it as much as possible and growing fungi-pest resistant, fast-flowering strains.

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Against scarce sunlight

In this case, the only option is using artificial light as sunlight support, or looking for zones as sunny as possible; obviously, winter has scarcer daylight, but, if growing the plants in an area where the whole daylight can be profited, the plants will develop properly.

These have been some brief tips for you to get good winter crops; we know that many homies finish summer crop before the next crop, so, if you don’t want to spend any money, you can always try deal with a small winter grow – we tell you it’s possible, and, probably, the results will get you surprised.

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