Bud bursting: the crop, such an expected moment by all the growers – growing crowning moment; getting the things done properly would be the difference between success and failure.

Needless to say, bad luck could trick you, but, generally, crop depends directly on grower’s hands and means used; when cropping, one of the main grower’s problems is an unexpected crop – great disappointment, after working hard on it for so long. For good plant yield, you could need some help; PK’s used to fatten your plant buds – better yield and good crop.

What’s PK and what’s it used for?

PK’s the acronym for potassium (K) and phosphorus (P); marijuana plants need different nutrients for their development – germination or seedling, growing (nitrogen), blooming (phosphorus and potassium).

These nutrients take part in plant macronutrients (NPK) – main, more abundant nutrients for adequate plant development; phosphorus and potassium are necessary for photosynthesis, resin production, increased vigor and resistance to pests and better cannabis flavor – when blooming, high PK fertilizers help your buds get bigger and more resinous, because these nutrients contribute directly to plant blooming. There are some PK-rich products, specifically elaborated to increase the plant quantity/quality: bud bursters.


Grotek’s Monster Bloom’s a bud-fattening fertilizer; 50/30 PK – high phosphorus level increases bud size and weight brutally (Monster Bloom-Heavy Bloom’s an optimum-yield combination). Your buds will burst – be careful with the dose (its powerful nutrient concentration could over-fertilize the plants); add it to the irrigating water – 0.30g/l once a week during the 2nd blooming stage (4th/5th week, depending on the strain) till the 7th week. Stop using it at least 2 weeks before cropping.


PK 13-14 CANNA

Canna’s PK 13-14’s a 13% phosphorus-14% potassium product, for better blooming and yield – good compact, resinous bud crop; it’s used from the 3rd blooming week on, adding it to the irrigating water gradually – 0.5ml/l-150ml/l during three weeks at every irrigation. EC needs to be controlled to prevent over-fertilization – together with Cannaboost, your crop would provide powerful, compact, very resinous buds.

pk canna


THC’s Mega Bud’s used for big blooming and fattened, very resinous buds; 51% phosphorus, 33% potassium, seaweed extract – very increased production, with fat, dense, resinous flowers. It’s used from the 4th blooming week on; add 1g/l to the irrigating water alternatively – every other irrigation – till the previous cropping week.

megabud pk


Cannaboom’s 25% phosphorus, 28% potassium, algae, enzymes; big, heavy, extremely resinous buds, and bigger crop quantity/quality. It’s used from 4th/5th blooming week on – add 2ml/l to the irrigating water twice a week till the previous cutting week.



Atami’s Bloombastic’s an outstanding “bud burster” for much more abundant, compact, resinous crops; 20% phosphorus, 21% potassium, sugars, hydrates. It’s used during the last blooming stage – brutally increased crop quantity/quality: one of the most used bud bursters worldwide; daily, add 0.5ml-1ml/l to the irrigating water, mainly from the 4th to the 6th blooming week.

bloombastic atami


Brutal buds, hard as stones; high phosphorus and potassium level for major blooming and production, and extra-resinous flowers full of trichomes. It’s used during the first blooming stage – the first flowers sprout out; from the 2nd to the 4th week, add 1gr/l to the irrigating water till the two previous cropping weeks.

brutal buds


House & Garden’s Top Shooter’s a blooming fertilizer for professionals – beginners can use it if EC levels are controlled and the charts are properly applied: more abundant, better crop – final-product flavor’s not altered; it’s used during the 3-4 last blooming weeks – make sure to mix the solution properly (if possible, room temperature), and check you have 1.2 EC before getting started.

top shooter


House & Garden’s Shooting Powder’s one of the best blooming stimulants in the market, for professional growers; it’s used during the last blooming weeks, and it matches properly with any base nutrient. This bud burster’s one of the best current products in the market, but it should be used by more advanced growers.

shooting powder

*The numbers on the boxes of fertilizer brands indicate the percentage of each element in the product (N-P-K)

You can use any of the previously mentioned blooming stimulators to strengthen the yield of your plants, regarding bigger, denser, more resinous buds; make sure to control PH-EC levels in irrigating water and soil – enough food for the plants, adequate food assimilation, prevention against nutrient blockage or over-fertilization. Besides, every plant needs specific nutrient percentage – some plants are more tolerant than others; be aware of their needs, and provide the adequate amount.

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