This post is focused on coffee grounds for your marijuana grows (and its pros).

Coffee ground’s an abundant organic-material source, ideal for adequate vegetative behavior of marijuana plants; coffee contains many of the minerals required by crops, and high acidity – very useful when growing in alkaline soil/substrate.

Coffee and marijuana

This way, many growers use coffee grounds to improve their crop yields; let’s focus on coffee properties – ideal partner for cannabis.


Its nutritional content would be enhanced and supplemented; coffee could be added to ecological and chemical compost – cheap, simple, fast way to improve your crop compost.

Fertilizer and coffee


Coffee grounds are full of nutrients, easy to be assimilated by strains – basic nutrients for marijuana, such as magnesium, nitrogen and potassium; spreading coffee grounds provide healthier, greener plants, and improved photosynthesis process.

Acidity balance

As previously mentioned, coffee increases substrate acidity – if soil acidity’s excessive, an alkaline substance’s added (powdered lime): soil acidity would be stabilized, and the strains would take advantage from coffee benefits without the negative effects of acidity.

Insect repellent

Coffee grounds can also be used as organic natural insecticide, improving plant resistance against insects, fungi (Fusarium, Pythium and Sclerotinia) and plaguesred spider, slug, caterpillar, snail; very good ecological anti-plague option – unbeatable price.

Coffee and insects

Worm food

Coffee grounds could be poured onto garden compost bin to produce quality compost thru organic waste; very useful for vermiculture – compost production thru earthworm excrements: this process provides earthworm humus – concentrated earthworm excrement (after organic feeding); this humus contains ideal nutrient levels for optimum plant development, and microbes which decompose the soil in more beneficial ways for crop feeding.

As previously mentioned, coffee grounds are multifunctional substances for cannabis crops – just enjoy coffee-ground benefits.


  1. Avatar for Chic gault

    Got four glueberry x critical kush in 25 ltr pots,with coco,coffe grounds substrate ,will let you know the results

    • Avatar for Max

      i’m hyped for your results bro

      • Avatar for Htue Ng

        Can i use coffee powder

    • Avatar for Jerry gratersberg

      Put some fungi in that bitch🤙 The mycorrhizal type😎 ps. They love coffee too!


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