Shatter is one of the most famous cannabis extracts, thanks to its power and flavor. This special type of BHO (hash oil, extracted by butane) has a very characteristic texture, due to the obtaining process.


All about Shatter

The extracts are up-to-date among cannabis consumers. The high concentration levels, and their characteristic flavors, make them gradually demanding. One of the most trending extracts is Shatter; next, we summarize all you have to know about this type of extraction.

What is it?

Shatter is a type of translucent, golden BHO, with hard texture, different from the rest of viscous and sticky extracts. Its consistency is very similar to glass, hence its name. Similarly to the rest of BHO concentrates, their cannabinoid levels are around 80%. The obtaining process is similar to BHO process, but heat and humidity parameters are changed to confer its characteristic texture.

How is it prepared?

The preparing method is the same as the famous Wax, but without shaking the result while heating. For more information on the process, enter our posts BHO and Wax; we explain the whole process precisely. Sap is a type of extraction which is often mistaken with Wax; although very similar, its texture is kind of more liquid, like sap. Actually, the process to obtain all the BHO extracts is very similar, but there are certain variations during the process – shaking, temperature, duration – conferring varied textures and flavors; anyway, all these extracts are really powerful, without any exceptions.

Shatter and buds

Shatter and buds

Firstly, the vegetal material, leaves and buds, are soaked in molten butane gas. With the same system as BHO, the trichomes – resinous, white crystals which concentrate the major amount of terpenes and cannabinoids – are separated from that vegetal material. The obtained solution – extraction of trichomes – is heated to extinguish all the butane gas traces and, during the purge, it is shaken when being hit. That is the difference between Wax and Shatter, since Shatter is left to stand; it is not shaken and heated. The results are extracts with different textures and aspects.

How to consume it

Generally, Shatter is easier to consume than other extracts; its texture is hard, not sticky. The commonest way of consuming Shatter is with an oil ring, method known as dabbing, needing a blowpipe, a pin and an oil ring. Anyway, it can be consumed by introducing it, piece by piece, in a joint or a bong; it can be blended with buds, but the flavor will not be Shatter flavor; another option is a hash pipe, a good method when not investing money in a vaporizer or oil tower.


– Blending it with a bud: Shatter can be sprinkled on a bud or joint, enjoying the combined flavor.

– Pipes: there are new pipes, designed for consuming the cannabis extractions.

-Vaporizers: there are new vaporizers, designed for consuming the extractions. This is a very clean method, consuming the substance without any combustion, so we avoid inhaling any toxic substances for our organism.

– Dabbing: it is the most usual method for Wax consumption, needing a blowpipe, a pin and an oil ring; heat the pin with a blowpipe and place a small Shatter portion on the tip: that extract is heated by the blowpipe, and it produces a vapor to be inhaled through a specialized pipe.


Shatter effects are ideal for expert consumers’ leisure time, and for medical terms in therapeutic treatments. Smoking Shatter, you will feel the powerful effect in a few seconds; in fact, its effect is so strong that, with a puff, you will feel how the pains disappear in a few seconds: currently, one of the most powerful cannabis derivatives.

Effects shatter

Effects shatter


One of the main advantages of Shatter is its powerful effect, so you can get high with a very reduced quantity, and in just a few seconds. Other quality is its characteristic flavor, very different from the rest of cannabis derivatives. A flavor many experts consider a real delight; lastly, its powerful effect makes Shatter ideal for consumers who need the therapeutic effects of marijuana, since its powerful effect can rapidly alleviate the pains and symptoms caused by illnesses.

Summing up, Wax extraction is not a simple process, requiring certain professional equipment and precise knowledge; besides, many rookies try to get BHO layers without the necessary equipment and knowledge, so they eventually blow their room, literally. This happens when some unconscious lights a lighter, and the escaping butane ignites during the process, exploding. This year, this has happened in several Spanish towns, so the thought that BHO production process is very dangerous has been spread around. Anyway, with proper equipment, and being careful, there is nothing to worry about; logically, if you work in a closed room, with a high concentration of a flammable gas, like butane, and you ignite a fire, you are assuming very elevated risks, so Gea Seeds warns the rookies to work on the extraction process at an aired place, and not to ignite any fire there. Following both steps, nothing strange would happen, so you will be able to delight with one of the most powerful cannabis derivatives.

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