Currently, marijuana legalization’s a trending topic worldwide; many countries are immersed in this debate, and more and more nations are gradually regularizing cannabis status.

marijuana Uruguay

marijuana Uruguay

Uruguay’s dealing with a pioneering regularization concerning cannabis legalization: last year, on July, the 20th, marijuana became legally sold in 16 pharmacies.

Is weed legal in Uruguay? How did it start?

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This situation’s the result of more than six years of hard, polemic struggle. In 2011, a legalization debate was arranged; in 2012, a cannabis legalization/trading draft bill was announced, and, in 2013, the president of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, José Mujica, stated that the country was about to run cannabis crop and distribution. On December, the 10th, 2013, cannabis regularization law was stated, concerning production, trading, ownership, recreational and medical uses, and industrial purposes. Since then, Uruguay became the first country totally legalizing marijuana sale and growing.

Video: First Recreational Marijuana Sales in Uruguay

Initially, self-consumption was legalized, and cannabis clubs started to be regularized; eventually, Uruguayan government started distributing cannabis.

Where to buy legal weed in Uruguay?

Initially, the sale has been legalized in just 16 pharmacies, throughout the country. On the first day, the expending pharmacies obtained never-ending lines, and it got sold out in a few hours. It’s surprising, because just 5,000 previously-signed people could access Alfa I and Beta I marijuana.

Besides, the customers will only be able to buy 40 monthly gr. as maximum, $1.3 per gr., €1.12.

Firstly, many pharmacies wanted to sell it, because it’s legal and the nation runs its production and surveillance; however, marijuana has been removed gradually, due to security problems and low sales – as mentioned later, low sales are due to low-quality product.

How much marijuana can you buy?

The consumers, registered as acquirers, will be able to buy 10 gr. per week as maximum. A pharmacy pack contains 5 gr., about $6.5, €5.48.

Market data on its consumption

This international pioneering marijuana legalization has provided official market data on its consumption: in 2014, Uruguay consumed 34 marijuana tons, $44 million; out of 3.4 millions of Uruguayan citizens, more than 160,000 people consume marijuana: from pharmacies (4,959), cannabis clubs (63) and home growers (6,948).

Besides – apart from official figures, other consumers still get it illegally.

What was marijuana legalized in Uruguay for?

New Uruguayan cannabis legislation was created to fight drug black market, national and internationally, from South America; against illegal trafficking, marijuana can be accessed thru cannabis social clubs, self-growing and pharmacy sale.

What do you have to do to access national cannabis?

National cannabis is sold in pharmacies, and you have to be legal-aged to access it. Besides, you must be Uruguayan, or live permanently there. This way, you’ll be able to join the acquirer official register, and get pharmacy marijuana; you’ll only have to pass an identity system, through digital fingerprint procedure.

When getting national marijuana, you cannot access cannabis clubs or home growing.

National strains

Alfa I (indica) and Beta I (sativa). Theoretically, Alfa I effects are physical and relaxing. It helps you to sleep, to be hungry, to avoid anxiety and stress, and reduces pains and convulsions. Besides, Beta I effects are more cerebral, stimulating creativity and producing a nurturing comfort feeling.

Both plants have about 2% THC; 7% CBD, cannabidiol, in Alfa I, and 6% in Beta I; regular consumers slightly recognize the plant effects – CBD neutralizes THC psychoactive effects.

Problems with low THC rates

National marijuana’s so light that the usual problem’s back – they wanted to prevent it from the beginning: drug trafficking.

Due to extremely light marijuana effects, regular consumers, not allowed to home growing, are forced to reach illegal market; illegal marijuana tends to provide 20% THC (10 times bigger than national marijuana), with scarce CBD levels.

Consequently, 20-30% THC marijuana consumer doesn’t meet his needs, so he’s forced to reach illegal market – negative consequences ahead.

Obviously, Uruguayan law has been positive, because illegal market has been reduced, and this is the origin of global cannabis legalization, but this problem shows the need to improve some elements of the law – ideally, more practical and functional; hopefully, Uruguayan law will be improved through the years, and Uruguay will become a real example of cannabis legalization as a positive breakthrough in modern society.

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