Growing stage’s one of the most underrated phases by expert growers – many homies think it’s about marijuana-seed planting and waiting till it flourishes, but nothing could be more untrue; growing stage is very important for final production – time to get and ideal structure for the buds to grow (optimum growing stage provides strong, robust plants for more better production).

Similarly to any living being, marijuana plants go thru several stages till they get ripened, and growing stage’s basic – if interested in quality-cannabis growing, it’s very important to know these plant stages properly, since every stage has specific needs; different stages require different light, nutrient, water or trimming levels.

growth phase

growth phase

Cannabis stages

Cannabis life cycle could be divided into four main stages, from seed to crop: germination, seedling, growing and flowering – our blog provides info on germination, seedling stage and flowering; next, let’s talk about growing stage.

Marijuana growing cycle

Once the seed gets germinated and seedling stage is over, growing stage would be on – 2-8 weeks depending on strain, place and growing time.


During this stage, light cycle’s 16 light hours and 8 dark hours when indoor growing – some growers decide to add some extra light hour, at grower’s personal experience and will.

During cannabis vegetative stage, plant growing gets really started, so germination and seedling stages have to be separated; the strains would develop their structure and root system fast, and this is the time for the grower to start working, as well as trimming and looking for a vegetative structure vigorous, robust, strong and ready to produce, support and feed huge buds.

Plants in growth phase

Plants in growth phase


The space between the nodes has to depict the type of cannabis you’re growing. Indica plants tend to remain shorter and branched, while sativa plants grow large and rangy, with less dense foliage.

Growing-stage irrigation

Increasing amount of irrigation water has to be constant and progressive as the plant keeps growing, whenever necessary – if the soil’s dry on the following day and the pot’s light, irrigation can be increased.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the substrate doesn’t have to be constantly wet and soaked (fatal for plants and their root system); young plants need water near the stem, but, as it grows and its roots grow outwards, it needs to be irrigated further from the stem for the root tips to absorb water more properly.

Nutrition during this stage

For nutrition, the plant needs food with higher nitrogen levels (the most consumed nutrient during this stage).

This has been a precise overview on basic feedback for proper growing stages – we hope this has been helpful and, if in doubt, just leave your comment and we’ll answer you as soon as possible.

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