Gea Seeds is a company that works to produce high quality fresh seeds at an affordable price for any grower. The freshness of our seeds guarantees one of the highest germination rates on the market. Anyway, growers may have doubts about which is the most appropriate method to germinate their seeds.

There are different methods of germination of cannabis seeds and each person have preference for one of them. From Gea Seeds we recommend the method of germination with wet paper, because it is the easiest, is quick and allows to distinguish before planting in the medium the seeds that have germinated from those that have not.

Germinated seed

Germinated seed

Germination Methods:


To germinate the seeds with this method is needed:

  1. A Tupperware
  2. Paper tissues or kitchen towels
  3. Bottled mineral water


First, moisten the kitchen towels or tissues by removing excess moisture.

The wet tissue is placed on the bottom of the tupper and the seeds are placed, leaving enough space between them so roots do not become entangled.

Place another layer of wet paper covering the seeds and close the tupper.

Finally, we leave the tupper in a dark and warm place. We must ensure that the paper does not dry out and, if it is necessary, wet it again.

After a few days, the root will have appeared, and our seeds will be ready to be planted in the chosen growing medium.


To carry out this method the only thing we must do is to put the seeds in a glass of lukewarm water. The water temperature should be around 25ºC.

In about 4 days approximately the roots will start to show up. When they measure about 3mm they are ready to be transplanted in the selected culture medium.

This method is recommended for use in summer because the ambient temperature is more suitable for germination of seeds. We must watch that the water in the glass does not get cold because if it is cold the seeds will not germinate.

This method is also compatible with wet paper, the seeds can be put in water for 24 hours to hydrate and then proceed with the wet paper method.


To germinate the seeds with this method we must previously stabilize the PH of the rock wool blocks to 5.5.

Once the PH has stabilized, drain the plugs and make a hole of approximately 1cm.

Place the seeds inside the holes and place the rock wool blocks in a container with a lid or greenhouse to keep the moisture.

Afterwards, place the container in a place with a temperature of approximately 20ºC. Once the plants have sprouted, they can be transplanted into the pot or container.


The jiffys are a pressed peat disc that we can use both to germinate seeds and to root cuttings, although it is more advisable to use them to root cuttings.

To carry out this method, jiffys must first be placed in a glass of water. After 5-10 minutes, the discs will absorb water and swell.

Next, drain the jiffys and place the seed at less than 1cm. (It is very important to drain the jiffys because otherwise the seeds will not germinate)

Finally, the jiffys are placed in a place with a temperature of 20-25ºC and we observe that they continue to maintain the humidity. If necessary, they can be immersed in water again for a few seconds to prevent them from drying out.


Seeds can germinate directly in the soil.

To do this, we must place the substrate in the pot or container chosen. The substrate must be wet but not soaked.

Make a small hole with your finger and place the seed.

Afterwards, we cover the seed with a little more soil. Care should be taken not to soak the soil. If it happens, the excess moisture will produce that the root does not come out to look for moisture, slowing growth. We could even get to rot the seed. With this method we will not be able to distinguish after a few days the seeds that have germinated from those that have not, so it is not a highly recommended method of germination.

Unfortunately, legislation in many countries does not permit the germination of cannabis seeds. Therefore, we at Gea Seeds ask you to inform yourself about the legislation in force in your country before germination of the seeds.

Lamentablemente, la legislación de muchos países no permite la germinación de semillas de cannabis. Por ello, desde Gea Seeds rogamos que se informe acerca de la legislación vigente en su país antes de proceder a germinar las semillas.

Gea Seeds declines all responsibility for the illegal use that third parties may make of our products.

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