There are many varied germinating methods; Gea Seeds always recommends tupper and damp paper method as the most reliable and successful. Anyway, some growers prefer to germinate directly in jiffies or pressed peat pills; this post is dedicated to them: brief and precisely, the best way of germinating in jiffy, step by step. Gea Seeds is not responsible for germinating in jiffy, and strongly recommends tupper and damp paper method (GERMINATING METHODS).

Seeds and jiffys

Seeds and jiffys

Steps to germinate your seeds

1- PH measurement

PH measurement is a very good option for those willing to germinate in most professional terms; besides, PH level control enhances the prospects of success of the process. For precise PH measurement, a PH meter is needed; a cheap, easy-to-use gadget. For any doubt on PH in irrigation water, we suggest the following post; generally, germination water pH is 5.5-6.

Jiffy and PH

2- Moisten and squeeze peat disk

Once water PH is measured and regulated by the required products (TRICKS AND ACCESSORIES FOR A PERFECT CROP, PH AND EC IN MARIJUANA GROWINGS), soak the jiffy with this water. For that, fill a bowl with water, and leave the jiffy inside; in a few minutes, the jiffy will have absorbed the required water and increased its size. Once the jiffy gets a suitable volume, drain it slightly, so the excess water is removed; the jiffy has to be damp, but not gushing, so take the soaked jiffy carefully, holding it with both hands so that it does not get undone, and press it till it drops the excess water: the jiffy will have the adequate humidity for a correct germination.

Moistening a jiffy

Catching jiffy

Catching jiffy

3- Jiffy piercing

You can plant the seed; the jiffy needs a little 1-cm hole approximately: introduce the seed, so the root faces down and the seed up; this way, you let the seed sprout out.

Opening a jiffy

Seeds in jiffy

Seeds in jiffy

4- Cover the peat disk (jiffy)

Cover the seed with the excess peat which has left when making the little hole, and the hole has to be totally covered without pressing the peat, ventilated to facilitate the seedling sprout.

Putting seed in jiffy

5- Put the jiffy in a damp place

Create a damp environment for the jiffy, and keep the humidity till the seedlings sprout; for that, the easiest option is a bowl: put the jiffies with the introduced seeds, and moisten the sides to keep the environment with a suitable humidity level for optimum seed germination. The bowl has to be placed in a dark, damp place, away from sunny, hot zones.

This has been a brief summary on how to germinate in jiffies with the maximum success possibilities; anyway, as previously mentioned, Gea Seeds recommends tupper germination: if any doubts on this method, the following post will clarify all of them.

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