Big up! We are glad to advertize the event Alboradabs Medellín, a cannabis event organized by the grow shop THC SMOKE SHOP and the bank DON VITO SEEDS, celebrated on December, the 3rd, 2017.

The location of choice could not be better; an incredible location in Santa Elena area, Medellín, Colombia: we attach some pics.

Alboradabs Medellin

Alboradabs Medellin


The purpose of this event aims at gathering the local cannabis community in a festive event; a big party, with numerous activities to reinforce links and to meet more people interested in our beloved plant. A journey to enjoy around what unites us: cannabis.


THC and DV endeavor was supported by numerous brands or companies, like Guía 420, Rolling Up, Mercoagrícola, G-Black, Super LEAF, Dali Grow Shop, Hisens, Nutrilife, John Weed, Capuleto, Maxgreen Grow Shop, Herbagel, Santa María Herbal, Cannabis Salud, Mano Verde, Cannabis Licor, Weed Social Club, Comunidad Cannábica Colombiana, Smoking House Envigado, Green Candy, Punto Rojo, Don’t Worry Be Happy, Omero Sustratos, Origen Semillas, Dank, Nirvana Seeds, Pura Vida Seeds, Elements and Al Bosque Hostel; yeah, Gea Seeds was there too: we are trying to collaborate, as much as possible, after arriving in Colombia.


The event consisted of music, conferences, workshops and, undoubtedly, weed and extraction tastings.

Very good vibes; all the attendees were willing to have a good time. Besides, some partners, like Gea Seeds, set up some stands to meet and advise all the attendees.

Alboradabs Medellin

Alboradabs Medellin

Successful! It was the first edition of Alboradabs, but, undoubtedly, it will not be the last one; it is wonderful to see how every effort has its compensation. Needless to say, Gea Seeds is very grateful to the organizers, and it will be at the next event again; congrats!

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