Necessary equipment for indoor growing; indoor air’s controlled – very important parameter for successful/failed growing: temperature/humidity control – proper grow development.




Fundamental for final-product quality; marijuana strains need 20-30º temperature for compact, resinous flowers – otherwise, grows wouldn’t properly develop and crop quality would be too low: Gea Seeds suggests low temperature, for hard buds and resin production.


40-60% humidity growing provides well-shaped, compact, heavy flowers – higher humidity tends to provoke fungal pests.

Types of extractors

After analyzing the importance of the previous factors, let’s talk about different extractors, their main characteristics and the most recommended.

Axial extractors

Powerful equipment, with strong suction to make the active-carbon filter work (balancing its pressure loss), that is, an axial extractor works as the main extractor in a growing room.

The conic design of these extractors makes them high-pressure resistant, able to renew all the air in the growing – they’re more efficient thanks to their design (continuous, powerful push).

Axial Extractors

Axial Extractors

Axial extractors are more silent than helical – more efficient with lower rpm.

These extractors can be silent or soundproof – inside a soundproof box (isolated from the outside; noise cannot go out); the boxes are made of soundproof material, and they have internal rubber hooks which cushion the vibrations (less generated noise).

Most popular brands

– Vents: cheap, although guaranteed.

– RKV: one of the best quality assured – durable extractors with the best materials.

– Dospel: similar to RVK – it just makes plastic/metal tubular extractors.

– Plus soundproof boxes

– Iso Max soundproof extractor

Helical extractor

Weaker than axial – additional for huge growing rooms (the axial extractor’s not strong enough to control the climate).

Helical extractors

Helical extractors

Their design doesn’t make them resistant to high pressure, and they’re not very silent – they’re 100% necessary when the growing dimensions are too big to be controlled by an axial.

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