Pot labels are really useful tools when seeding different strains in the same growing; if you do not identify correctly each strain in your garden from the very beginning, probably you will not remember every genetics, so you would not be able to identify that strain you liked so much.

Labels for pots

Labels for pots

It is not necessary to spend any money on pot labels; you can use recycled materials and create the labels we post some tips for you to properly identify each strain in your growing.

1.Wood sticks

It is an effective way of recycling the ice-cream sticks; you can write the name of the plant on it, and stick it into the pot soil. You can use a color marker to decorate them as you wish.

2.Cork stoppers

You can use bottle cork stoppers to make the labels; you have to write the name on the stopper with a marker, and stick a skewer or wire on it, to place it in the pot. You can use the whole stopper or you can cut it into two halves and write on the flat side.

3. Plastic bottles

One of the classic ways of label making is to recycle opaque plastic packages like some bottles or receptacles; firstly, cut the bottle into two halves, and, then, you have to make a cardboard template to draw the contour on the bottle and, lastly, cut it. Now you just have to write the name of the plant and introduce the label into the pot soil.


Another option for you to make labels and, at the same time, recycle daily tools, is to benefit your discarding wooden spoons; you just have to write the name on the spoon and stick the handle into the pot.


One of the best ways for your garden to be awesome; river stones, or other bare rocks, to decorate and write the name of the plants: your growing will get a happy, colorful touch; for decoration, just unleash your imagination: you can write the name with markers or, if you wish, paint the stones with acrylic paint at will.

6.Wooden clips

Great partners to make labels as simply as possible; you write the name on the clip, and it is directly placed in the pot edge: this way, it can be recycled till it is broken.

7.Chalkboard paint

You can apply any kind of chalkboard on the whole pot or just on one part of the pot; before using the chalkboard paint, it is useful to apply a water-based sailing primer, to clog the pores: once dry, you just have to write the name of each plant with chalk; when recycling the pot, erase the previous name and write the name of the new plant with chalk.


Another way of profiting the natural resources is to collect little fallen tree branches; with the help of a peeler or a quite sharpened knife, cut a piece of the branch till it is bare: write the name of the plant on that part, and stick the tip into the soil. You can use color markers to write full-color names, or to decorate them.

9.American/Venetian blind

Old American or Venetian blinds can be recycled to make pot marking labels.
It is very simple; cut the strips large enough to write the plant strain on it, and, then, place them in the pot.

10.Wooden forks and foaming sheet

For these labels, you need wooden forks, paper or foaming sheets, a pencil and a marker: firstly, you have to place the fork handle on the paper or foaming sheet and, with the pencil, draw the silhouette; then, draw a leaf, or flower, or whatever you think of; cut the flowers and write the names on them, and, lastly, stick the flowers to the fork handle. The options for these labels are infinite; the final result depends on your creativity.

11.Laminated printed strips

Probably, when label making, this is the most elaborate, expensive way, but they are stronger, and they can have different shapes and colors; write the name into a text file, and print it to cardboard, in the color you wish: then, you just have to laminate them, so they will be ready to be used.

These are some ideas for you to make your own customized pot labels; there are much more options, just depending on your imagination.

Are you thinking of any other way? Leave your comment down below.

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