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Its story

Barney’s Farm started with Derry, a Dutch grower who traveled to Himalayan area, to work with autochthonous strains; he traveled across countless Southern and South-Eastern Asian countries, collecting the most interesting genotypes, working with them for years till they got stabilized: gradually, Derry was acquiring an exquisite seed array with incredible flavors and effects, from Hindi Kush mountain range, Tibetan Plateau and surroundings – Pakistan, Nepal, India, China, Tibet, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam.

Once Derry had collected all the genetics he wanted, he went back to Amsterdam with his new seeds in his pocket; he decided to keep working those genetics, looking for a marketing qualified, stable product – Barney’s Farm, becoming a marijuana seed world leader right away.

Apart from seed marketing, Derry decided to open a Coffee-Shop, marketing his product and showing his exquisite genetics – gradually, he became one of the most respected among growers and consumers worldwide.

Its catalogue

Nowadays, his reputation’s constantly improving – few banks with the fame of Barney’s and his research lab: his quality assurance’s multiple top-quality stable 5/10 pack genetics – over 30 years, Barney’s has been namelessly awarded.

Highlighted strains

LSD’s Skunk#1-very powerful indica Afghan cross – this strain’s named after its extremely strong effect; LSD’s abundantly produced – unique earthy taste with musky sweet notes.

Critical Kush, from Critical Mass and top OG Kush – robust, fast flowering, medium sized, amazing Kush flavored.

Tangerine Dream – usually indica, orange toned, characteristic mandarine flavor (palate delicatessen every grower should taste at least once).

Auto strains

Pineapple Express – strong, fast flowering, very productive; buds with strong aroma and indica earthy flavor – strong, sedating, stress-reliever effect.

NYC DIESEL is an autoflowering version of mythical New York City Diesel – indica, body relaxing, spicy/citric aromas, bush structure for abundant buds.

SIN TRA BAJO AUTO – as its very name indicates, it’s strong against lack, excess, inclement weather, and really easy to grow; from Mazari Afghan and Lowrider #1 – caramel-earthy smell, fat buds.

Otras variedades destacadas:

Little more to be said about these experts – so many years delighting the consumers: taste their seeds, and discover the classics – charming the cannabis industry thru decades: