Afghan Kush - Sensi Seeds


Afghan Kush - Sensi Seeds
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  • Time
    50-55 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 450-550 g/m2
  • Genetics: 90% indica

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Information about Afghan Kush of White Label (Sensi Seeds)

As its very name indicates, Afghan Kush of White Label (Sensi Seeds) is a strain which joins the properties and the typical vegetative behavior popularizing Hindi Kush strains (Asian mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan); this geographical location has been the ideal scenery for marijuana to evolve on the hillsides for centuries till indica marijuana strains sprouted – these strains have abundant resin, ideal for quality-extraction production (hash, charas, BHO).

Consequently, Afghan Kush is an indica strain, ideal for extractions, with delicious buds (compact, heavy and very resinous).

Vegetative Behavior


It’s an easy-to-clone strain, ideal for the production of mother plants and cuttings – cuttings would be recommended to shorten its stretching, as well as SCROG/SOG net-system seeds; when flowering, it could triple its size.

Besides, it should be useful to use a fan – moving branches get fatter; otherwise, you’ll have to use plastic tutors to hold the huge flowers – ready to be cropped in 45-55 days.


For outdoor growing, these indica plants get kind of tall – not very tall, but very branchy and structurally robust; the more light, the more resinous big buds – ready to be cropped by early October.


Very fruity earthy flavor and aroma, hash-like (similar to Afghan hash).


Afghan Kush effects are relaxing, almost sedating, very physical and therapeutic, ideal for medical treatments.


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