Auto Amnesia - Autoflowering Seed

Auto Amnesia Gea Seeds
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  • Time
    75-80 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 70-95 g/plant
  • Genetics: 65% sativa

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Information About Amnesia Autoflowering Sativa

Auto Amnesia is the autoflowering version of our original Amnesia. Its long-lasting effect is powerful, psychoactive and more cerebral than physical. It is the perfect marijuana strain to relieve stress and enjoy relaxing moments.

This cannabis strain has a very intense flavor that delivers notes of wood and spices, which is very similar to its feminized version ́s taste. Its aroma is like its flavor, incredible.

Auto Amnesia is a hybrid that results from the cross between our Amnesia and a Lowryder. Now it is possible to put together every fantastic quality of the original Amnesia in an automatic version, what it means a shorter flowering period.

It has the typical size and growth of a sativa plant. It is tall and slender with moderate internodes and thin elongated leaves, proper of these strains. Its yield is moderate and it produces dense buds covered in resin that emanate a sweet citrus aroma. Of (With its) vigorous growth, Auto Amnesia is a branched plant that also forms a large central tail.

It is a strain that stands out for its easy cultivation, its potency and its average level of THC. It is ideal for any type of cultivator.


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    dic 4, 2018
    First time growing autos, and i am very happy with them!! Smell delicious...
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