Auto Ak - Autoflowering Seed
7,44 € 3 units
10,74 € 5 units
19,01 € 10 units
39,26 € 25 units
148,76 € 100 units
Auto M8 - Autoflowering Seed
6,20 € 3 units
8,68 € 5 units
14,88 € 10 units
30,99 € 25 units
107,44 € 100 units
Auto Haze - Autoflowering Seed
7,31 € 3 units
10,54 € 5 units
18,60 € 10 units
40,29 € 25 units
140,50 € 100 units
Auto Amnesia - Autoflowering Seed
7,31 € 3 units
10,54 € 5 units
18,60 € 10 units
40,29 € 25 units
140,50 € 100 units
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Sativa autoflowering seeds have a higher and more stylized size compared to indica strains. Their life cycle is also longer, although it is much shorter than the one of its feminized version. This allows this plants to reach a larger size than normal autoflowering ones.

The effect of these seeds is the typical one of the sativas strains: energetic, stimulating and psychoactive. The autoflowering sativas strains have been a great change within the cannabis market, as they maintain the incredible properties of these strains but with the advantage of being able to harvest them in a much shorter time and off-season.

Our sativa autoflowering seeds are a guarantee of success. Our strains guarantee a great production and got a higher

THC levels.

In Gea Seeds we worked with the best sativa strains to offer legendary genetics in their autoflowering version. Do not miss them!


Auto Ak: this strain produces quality flowers that retain the unique flavor of its feminized version. Its vigorous growth and powerful effect will amaze you.

Auto Haze: this is one of the most awaited autoflowering sativa strains. Its crossing with a Lowryder has greatly shortened the flowering period of this legendary strain, making the growth of this mythical strain easier.

Auto M8: the most productive autoflowering strain in our catalog, its exuberant branching and energetic growth will astonish you. We must have it in our catalog.

Auto Amnesia: a classical autoflowering sativa, with a vigorous growth, an incomparable lemon flavour and notes of wood flavours. Delicious.