Auto M8 - Autoflowering Seed


Auto M8 Gea Seeds
  • Items: 375
  • Time
    70-80 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 80-150 g/plant
  • Genetics: 70% sativa

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Information About M8 Autoflowering Sativa

Auto M8 is a strain that has a very powerful long-lasting psychoactive and cerebral effect. This strain has a lively, energetic and euphoric impact that increases when time passes and remains for a while. It is a highly recommended cannabis strain to combat depression and decay states.

It has a powerful and refreshing aroma and an incensed sweet flavor, with fresh citrus notes. You will never forget this spectacular exotic mixture.

Auto M8 is the most productive autoflowering strain in our catalog. We are talking about an fast growing hybrid that has a sativa offspring. Outdoors it can reach a considerable size and an exceptional performance. It will surprise even the most skeptical people.

It is a very branched high-sized plant that produces spongy resinous buds and long tails. Cultivating this cannabis strain is very easy, you can get the plant to reach a large size with little effort. It has a very robust conic shape structure.

It is recommendable to cultivate it outdoors, where you will get a better result. Indoor cultivation is perfectly valid if you manage to control its size. Its incredible vigorous growth will really surprise you.

Auto M8 is currently one of the most powerful and productive varieties in the autoflowering market.


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