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Information about Grinder Gea Seeds

Grinders are small choppers, designed to shred the buds and leave them ready to be consumed; two pieces, fitting together, with an internal hollow – full of tiny metal/plastic/wooden nails: when twisting both pieces, the nails get internally crossed and the vegetal material’s shredded.

Grinders shred marijuana properly, you don’t touch it with your fingers (some resin would be removed) and the bud’s shredded much faster; many grinders have a second floor for pollen and specially retraced vegetal material – after a few joints, you have a second compartment, full of first-quality resin, for a delicious joint.

Types of grinders:

There are grinders made of wood, plastic, metal… Big home grinders, small street grinders, and differently-shaped unnoticed grinders – PC mouse, credit card, soda can; very cheap, simple grinders (cheap material) and top-quality grinders (more expensive, with elaborated design and more complex shredding system): automatic grinders are very trendy – put the weed, press a button and let the grinder do the rest.

We offer Gea Seeds modern-logo grinders – perfect to be carried around.


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