Gea Seeds electric lighter


Gea Seeds electric lighter
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Gea Seeds Electric Lighter Information

New, faster, safe, cheap way to lit your joints and cigarettes – no gas/liquid/stone/flame; ecological, environmentally-friendly – no gas/petroleum.

Double cross-lined electric-arc ignition – this arc produces the electric power lighting the joint (doubled for better ignition); electric lighter functioning’s not handicapped by air/cold.


It’s charged by means of a USB cable and electric connection – full charged, the lighter can be used 200 times, and the battery takes one hour to be recharged (use it up to 10 seconds/use; otherwise, the battery would be consumed very fast, and the lighter lifespan would be reduced).

Technical characteristics, dimensions and materials

Coating metal, double-arc ignition, 80g, 71.5 x 35 x 12mm (Length x Width x Height), in a box, including the USB cable to be charged with DC 5V voltage; Gea Seeds suggests not to overcharge it and unplug it when charged (product lifespan wouldn’t be reduced): indicator light displays proper charging time and full charge.


Two different models: one of them, with the classic Gea collector’s-seed logo, name of the bank, laurel branches on both sides and the mythical Gea Seeds open-seed symbol.

The second model, with tag letters, Gea Seeds Bank, ornamented with small marijuana leaves and a scroll with Gea website; at the logo bottom, two cross-lined smoking pipes – unisex, modern designs.

These lighters pass a rigorous quality inspection: worthy investment – if you take care of your Gea Seeds lighter, it will come along with you for a long time.


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