Crystal Candy - Sweet Seeds

Crystal Candy - Sweet Seeds
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  • Time
    65-70 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Feminised
  • 500-550 g/m2
  • 60% indica

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Information about Crystal Candy of Sweet Seeds

Crystal Candy Auto of Sweet Seeds comes from Crystal Candy and Sweet Special Auto; this new strain grows vigorous and very stable, but its main characteristic is short flowering – up to 3 annual crops in warm places (Mediterranean, Californian coast). Concerning its genotype, it’s a very stable 40 sativa/60 indica strain.

Vegetative Behavior

Growth and flowering are fast and vigorous; its structure’s based on the central truncheon – much fatter, taller and heavier than the rest of central truncheons.


For indoor Crystal Candy growing, you’ll get surprised by its fast flowering and abundant resin production, coated by a fat foil of amber white trichomes; its slightly branchy structure lets you place more than 12 strains in just one square meter – once germinated, crop ready to be picked up in 60 days (up to 450g/sq m).


For outdoor growing, up to 4 crops/season if fast proper growing – germinate the next round when the first one’s already flowering, in sunny warm places, with abundant water and substrate and good food.

If meeting these requirements, Crystal Candy will be 1m tall – up to 100g/strain (super producer plant); ready crops in just 8 weeks.


The flavor of this strain’s very similar to Crystal Candy Original – fruity, sweet, earthy details (dense heavy smoke will fill your mouth with complex tones).


The effects are devastating, very relaxing and sedating, increasing this sensation thru the minutes – very relaxing medical effect, ideal against stress, insomnia or chronic pain.


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