Special Kush 1 - Royal Queen Seeds


Special Kush 1 - Royal Queen Seeds
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  • Time
    60-65 days
  • THC
  • CBD
  • Type
  • Production: 450-500 g/m2
  • Genetics: 80% indica

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Information about Special Kush 1 by Royal Queen Seeds

Special Kush#1 of Royal Queen Seeds is a strain from the steep hillsides of the mountain range known as Hindu Kush; this area’s famous for its cannabis indica strains – Special Kush#1’s very well adapted to any grow system.

Vegetative Behavior

Special Kush#1 of Royal Queen Seeds is very easy to grow, perfect for good results when indoor/outdoor growing – it’s a strong plant and easy to grow, so it’s ideal for experts and beginners.


Indoor growing produces tall plants – 1-1.5m with an admirable central truncheon; trimming the side branches and concentrating all the strength of the plant on the central cup, the results will be invincible – in just 8 flowering weeks, strains ready to crop (approx. 450g/sq m).


When outdoor growing, they need big places (root/airborne systems); very good for sunny hot/warm areas (Mediterranean, California) – in cold places, it won’t perform properly (scarce crop and mediocre quality).

With optimum weather conditions, Special Kush#1 produces up to 3m trees and 500g production (ready in September).


The organoleptic properties of this strain are typically Hindu Kush genetics – very earthy with an intense hash flavor.


Similarly, the effects are typically indica – very relaxing and corporal.


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